I feel too dumb right now to think up
a title for this post. lol

Things to look forward to:
◊ Girls day out with Leena and Nachi. --> [Tomorrow.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Tuesday, July 13th.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

So far things been have been alright.
Not much, I went to school yesterday
for two exams and then stayed at school
until 7pm because I felt so eager to
watch some Nodame Cantabile.

When I came home that's when I watched even more
episodes of Nodame Cantabile and now I just can't
stop thinking about it. *_* (I'm talking of
the Anime not the Drama. I'll of course watch
the drama after I'm done with the anime. :'3)

I'll talk more about it once I complete the series
or whenever I really feel like it.

Ohh I did buy something on Tuesday, or was it Monday?
I bought a necklace on Etsy and I can't wait for it to
come in!

This is it right here:

I'm planning to get more accessories, I want more. T_T

This is how I looked yesterday:

I like taking pictures. -__-
If I'M the one taking them, haha.

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to seeing
Leena and Nachi tomorrow. <33 Hopefully I can
pick out something nice to wear for tomorrow. :'3
I'm bringing my camera tomorrow as well.
I haven't been out with friends in a while.



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