Busy week (more like weeks) starts tonight.
I can't wait for wednesday night. D:

A status quoted straight from my facebook.

Things to look forward to:
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [TOMORROW]

◊ Sleepover at Nachi's house. --> [This Wednesday.]
◊ My Necklace coming in. D: --> [???]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

All this week and next week will be dedicated towards
school. Not that it's " the worst thang ever!"
but ugh ... It's pretty annoying. Next week I have an
exam based off 5 chapters for developmental psych, 4
chapers for my lexture exam in biology and a project
for my Asian Humanities which I need to figure out tonight
what my project's topic will be. It's not due till wednesday
of next week, butttttt I just kind of want to get my topic
out the way as soon as possible and plan ahead on how to make my
powerpoint look appealing. Surely this will be possible.

blah blah blah school

Uhh ... On Saturday my drawer came in at
around 6:00pm. I woke up at 7am just to
wait for that drawer to come in ...
Just because when Rooms to Go delivered
my mom's bed and my desk they came to out
house at around 9am. So I kind of figured
that it would come in early again.

My room is now complete.

All I need to do is finish putting some more
things back into the drawers, clean up a bit
and then take some pictures of the whole room.

On Saturday I also washed my hair and let it
air dry for the first time in forever. It won't
curl up like it use to. xD

On Sunday, I went to church with my mom, dad
and older brother. I didn't want to go at first
but then my parents kept bugging me about it
and then I talked to Tommy about it on Saturday
night and he told me to just go and, pray for him.

I felt so bad, so I went because of that ... I do
pray every morning when I wake up but ... I guess
I'm motivated to pray just because I don't want
anything bad to happen to Tommy while he's in Iraq.
That seems bad, I suppose. But, I've had my in's and
out's with Christianity. There's some aspects I like
from it, and there's some that I just can't conform
with. It's the same with some other religions I've
looked into. (I just can't imagine Heaven, I mean
we die and we stay there forever? With nothing but pure
bliss and peace? Maybe I'm just so use to having a purpose
that I can't come to terms with what the suppose end result
might be in our lives.)

Maybe as time passes by, I'll understand these kinds
of things better. As I get older? xD


Here's a picture of how I looked
on Sunday:

The church sermon was ... eh.
But after the sermon was over everyone headed out
to play sports and play some family-oriented games
(It was a family day event thing that day).
I had a lot of fun playing Gestures with my mom
and a lot of the older woman/men. :D
Older people are so much fun to be with,
and when I mean old, I mean like 40 or 50 years of age.
One of my mom's church friend is going to
give me her Gestures game so that we can play at home and
keep it. I'm really grateful for that, the
game was so much FUN. I'm really
big on board/family games. If you've never
heard of Gestures, go check it out. :DD


Naka said...

cute outfit and drawers :3 I need to lolify my room it's so grunge and gothic atm :p

P o o p e r said...

Thanks! Oh that would be an awesome room to have! I haven't seem much of loli grunge and gothic rooms. o.o Usually people of a classic feel to their room or a princess feel. xD;

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