Amazing . . . NOT. Dx

. . . Internally I'm weeping.

Closet Child has these items now in stock.

2 Star Night Theater headbows and One Star Night theater JSK.
If I could, I would collect ALL AP prints that
are appealing to me, and the Star Night Theater is one of them.

Bold, bold, and bold.

If could get the headbow, and JSK and with the price of
shipping it could total to ... $300 something in US dollars.

Times like these is when I wished I had a job.
Uhhh, get one?

If only it was just that simple.

Other than that ...

I'm looking forward to tonight and
all the fun we will hope to have.

I can't wait!


Naka said...

ooh i love angelic pretty :3 and i love the background of your blog ^^

I'm following you now too :3

P o o p e r said...

Thanks! I looooove AP!
I'll follow you back, I love
your creations btw. ^^ The bloomers
in your recent post are so adorable!

☆ K i n g said...

What a cute dress!

Donkuri said...

thank you for added me :D I love lolita style!

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