First Post.

Hi there, this is my first time ever on blogspot.
The only time I had came here was to stalk certain lolitas,
and download music.

A few months back I have a real good friend who had made
a blog on here and she encouraged everyone on Facebook
to go ahead and read it and so I did. Then shortly after I
was introduced to my friend's (
Belle) blog that's when my
Leena posted a link to her blog. And well, I enjoy
gazing at people's blogs and reading about them so I decided
to make a blogspot to follow my two friends and well follow
any more people if they have a blogspot. c:


Alright, now a little about me.

It feels like I can't really pinpoint what I down right
love because it's always changing.
I love many things.
I think this is normal among us. c:

but loving many things end up taking
up more of our time and money.

I'm really into:

◊ Lolita
◊ Sanrio / San-x/ anything else similar.
◊ Cooking games. Like Cooking Mama and a million
others that exist on the apple app store.
◊ Video games. I'm clearly not a gamer, since I
would never play COD or Gears of War.
But damn it, Kid games/ RPG's are what I enjoy.
◊ Figurines.
◊ Plush dolls
◊ Music, I'm not really up to date
with the latest for most artists since I
tend to listen to their old stuff like
10,000,000 times.
◊ School? I do like school. I like sitting
in class and listening.
◊ ...
◊ I enjoy dancing, even though I can't dance. :D
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I have a lovely boyfriend who's stationed in Iraq
right now, and will return back here in December.
I have a lot of close friends, and best friends.

blah blah blah. C:

I have another blog, on livejournal.

[ http://misssaitou.livejournal.com/ ]

Thanks for reading!



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