Val-en-tines day.

Mood: Content
Watching: Gameplay from Marvel vs. Capcom 3
(Watching Tommy and his friend play o: )
Drinking: Orange Juice


Hopefully everyone had a really nice or decent V-Day! Normally I don't have
a lot of hype when it comes to Valentines day except for when it comes to
wishing others a great V-Day. C: The holiday itself makes me happy with its
supposed theme of love and ... love. Love for your partner, your friends,
your family and for others you only know as acquaintances.

Though, the other aspect of V-Day that isn't all that nice is all of the
shitty chocolates being sold around this time and candy hearts that taste like
crap. Also, it makes me feel really upset how roses end up dying out by the
next day. It's a pessimistic way of looking at it but I sort of feel odd when
it comes to throwing away dead roses. D': They're pretty pricey to purchase too.

The night before V-Day, Tommy and I had went to Bikkuri Sushi to have a nice
dinner between the two. I had felt really happy about the gift he had got me
(in which I'll talk about in another post) so to thank him for it I offered to
go out for some sushi/curry. My plate is the one with Curry and rice and Tommy's
is the one with all the sushi.
I'm a pickey eater and I don't like seafood :p

Outfit from V-Day (Which was technically today for me)
It wasn't as special as I hoped. Today I had school and it was like around
40-50 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Florida has some serious wacky weather
changes. Last week it was raining really hard and the week before that it
was really cold. Now we've returned back to the cold weather.

The night before Tommy and I agreed to just spend the V-Day night together
watching TV and baking our own pizza(s). With a pre-made crust of course.

I was so hungry and forgot to take a picture of the already baked pizza. ;A;

What are your feelings about Valentines Day?


Melody said...

Hahahah! I always do that! Get so hungry that I forget to take the photos >_<" but eee, you look so cute in the outfit <3

And yum fooood !
Happy Valentines *v*

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Hehe I forget to take photos of food before I eat them too xD Yeah flowers aren't cheap so for me it's like a waste to get them on Valentine's Day :/ I'd rather get something I can keep lol, I guess the same goes for chocolates how they're all gone once they're eaten!

A lot of people don't get the true meaning behind Valentine's Day and so some are 'anti' it, only because they don't have a partner but really, Valentine's Day is about love and showing it to people we care about, not just a significant other :) I've always been appreciative of this day and it shouldn't make single people feel down. As for me, I had a lovely Valentine's Day yesterday!

Cute outfit by the way ^-^

RE: CL spoke in English on a YouTube video which is on the channel '2NE1'. If you search it you may be able to see it :D

Donkuri said...

You are cute and I like your room! So yummy pizza °Q°

Ribka said...

Happy Valentine's Day ^^
ahh I wish I could bake pizza too lol.. yummy :3
nice outfit, btw

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Happy Valentine's Day! The food looks uber yummy, especially the pizza! I love making my own pizza.

Your room is too cute! All the pinkness and kawaii plushies made me smile. I love it! ^-^ ♥

BARESTUDY (Janelle) said...

the food looks soooo good!


Hello Naka said...

happy late valentines days :p and cute pizzas ^^ i love the rikkaluma pure he looks sleepy and cute XD and POLKA DOTS!

Diana said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time with lots of food! I think Valentines Day is a good reminder for some people to show their love, not to say that that's the only day in the year for them to do so.

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