"Where's Pooper?"

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"Look! I found Waldo!"
Does everyone remember ol' pesky Waldo?

I was never a fan of the "Where's Waldo?" images. D:
Mostly because of those stupid pop-up scare videos.

You know the kind right? The ones where they instruct
you to look closely at a computer screen or they
some how trick you into it by providing a maze or some
form of puzzle. Then, when you're fully concentrated
you immediately get startled (or scared or traumatized)
by a mortifying scream and a really disturbing face to go with it.

Because of these funny yet horrible internet pranks
I can never look up anything in peace. Before I start up a
youtube video it almost feels mandatory that I read the comments
before watching. Definitely not taking the risk! lol

Last Saturday I had went to Altamonte Mall just to browse around and
do some 'window shopping'.
I spent most of my time over at Forever 21 just because I was
on a quest for some nice pants. I ended up buying a sailor-like tank top,
the red/white long sleeved shirt, some jeggings, and some criss-
cross eye lashes (all seen above minus the tank top). I ended up not
buying pants there because the pants that feel just right are
really difficult to find.

I think the first time that I've seen criss-cross eyelashes was on Amazon when
I was looking for "Japanese brand eyelashes". xD; I've wanted to try them out
ever since I first saw them but I was in no rush to get them. I didn't know
that F21 sold eyelashes and apparently they're really cheap too.
$1.80 a pair and they came with a small container of glue.
I didn't use the glue because I'm convinced that nothing is better then
Dolly Wink's eyelash glue. The lashes felt really comfortable and I didn't even
need to cut them! (Thank God, because I wouldn't know how to cut through them. D:
Does anyone know how to cut criss-crossed styled lashes?)

I thought the lashes were going to appear more dramatic due to the style of it
but I guess in order to get a dramatic feel to them is to find a more bold,
thicker kind of criss-crossed lases.

If you know about "Where's Waldo" have you
or anyone you know actually found Waldo?


Donkuri said...

cute eyes!

Anonymous said...

haha i dont like those scary videos too! i hate them! die die! you look cute with your red stripe shirt. i love stripes!!

Melody said...

URGH. THose scary videos still haunt me T-T" every time my brother is like "WATCH THIS VIDEO!" I'm totally sus !!!

But yess, that shirt is super cute. I used to read all those books and some loser always circled Waldo before I could try myself ;_; ! But in the odd circumstances when there was no graffiti; I could find him ..SOMETIMES ! :D <3

And mmm, I don't know how to cut the criss-cross ones ..I just ..would go for it randomly lol xD

♥mynameisnur♥ said...

cute outfit. something I would wear. me likey :)

Anonymous said...

hehehe, what a great idea with that waldo. i like your top :3 i got to know this game only some months ago ^-^"

ShuShu ♥

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

When I was at Anime Expo, I saw a cosplayer dressed as Waldo. Does that count as finding Waldo?

Hello Naka said...

oh i used to love wheres waldo and omg i had a panic attack after a maze game and the girl fro exocist cam on screaming XD

and the lashes look great u ^^ nice stripey shirt :p

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