Nachi's 20th birthday.

Hey everyone! :D
Sorry for taking forever when it comes to blogging.
The usual gets in the way like studying and Tumblr.
People as well which I'm not trying to claim as an issue. xD
Some stuff comes up and its either my friends are there for me or I'm
there for them. So, I'll end up taking as much time as possible comforting
them in whatever situation they may be in and honestly it makes me
feel glad to have helped them.

Tumblr has got to be the only thing that I'll resort to whenever I'm
stressed or in need of inspiration. I find some really great pictures
of sweet lolitas on there that help me learn how to coordinate outfits
more appropriately and these pictures do help me take this style more seriously.

I'm already excited about what dress I might get next. *.*

Let's see, let's see ... So recently I witnessed my lovely sister, Nachi,
get a monroe piercing on her birthday.
(she's not really my sister ... I wish. ;A; )

If you don't know what a monroe looks like then here's an image of it:

I was so excited for her! She's been wanting it for the longest time ...
The only issue she had was deciding whether she truly wanted a monroe.
I sort of felt a little jealous because I've always wanted two monroes.
One of each side of my upper lip ... I never thought about getting a tattoo
and neither do I plan to (maybe!). Speaking of tattoos, Nachi is going to get one
tomorrow. Hopefully she'll allow me to take pictures of it. >_>
I've heard from a few friends that once you get either a piercing or tattoo
you'll want more. xD

Outfit I wore on her birthday:

Mini Hat: Angelic Pretty
Wig: Ebay (I LOVE THIS WIG. When it breaks apart
I won't know what to do. ;-;)
Cutsew: Infanta
Skirt: Hottopic
Socks: Secret Shop
Shoes: Bodyline
Necklace: Chocomint

Nachi's Yorkshire ... her name is Ruby and she is such a cutie!
She wouldn't let me take a good picture of her. :\

Nachi's mom forced us to smile when I asked her to take a picture of us.
You can't really see Nachi's monroe. ;-;

We went to Downtown Disney to browse through all of the shops. We spent an
eternity in Downtown Disney's Trend shop where we freaked out at the
sight of sailor themed clothes by Tokidoki. The dress she's holding is by Tokidoki.

The pictures above is where we ended our day by eating at
Kobe's Japanese Steakhouse. She got a free cupcake because it was her birthday and immediately after we
were stuffed and exhausted we tried taking a quick picture as a group.
We all look so tired and bleh.

The day doesn't sound like much though it really was. We spent the entire
day singing to every song on the radio and dancing randomly at Downtown Disney.
They had live music playing at Disney and all of the songs played were strictly
pop like Lady Gaga's Born this way, and Black Eyed Peas The Time.
We ended up trash talking Katy Perry's E.T. song due to the fact that at some
point during the day the song was playing on four different radio stations in
the same time. It kept coming up throughout the entire day and before you
know it we would randomly burst into verse.
I swear its STILL stuck on me, I'm singing that verse right now. lol

How do you feel about tattoos and/or piercings?


Kristen said...

Nice piercing and outfit! You rock girl :3

Donkuri said...

I like your style!

Melody said...

I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT AS ALWAYS POOPPERRR ! <3 ! And omgg Nachi is so braveee D: I would be freaked out as crap to get that piercing or a tattooo T-T"

Although I kind want a tattoo on like my stomach / hip bone area - ALTHOUGH IT PROBS WONT LOOK GOOD WITH ALL M YFLAB AHAHAH ;P need to lose weight first eheh


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Looks like you had a great time and your outfit is so cute! I love how it's got lolita elements, but it's not OTT. ^^

!♥ m i m i said...

I'm getting a nose piercing in like a week and i'm super excited about that!

The monroe looks awesome! But I already have a mark on my face above my lip =.= If I get a monroe on the other side of my lip, I think it'd look weird... hmmm...

Cute outfit as usual!


Donkuri said...

I like your skirt!the little dog is adorable *_*

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