Zumba Fitness = Makes you feel like you have two left feet.


Beret: H&M
Wig: Ebay
Shirt: Target
Jeans: Hottopic
Shoes: Bodyline

So June is finally here, it's going to be a very eventful month.
This weekend I get the lucky chance to go attend Star Wars Weekend over
at Disney and I'm really excited about it. I'm deciding as of now what
to incorporate in an outfit for that day. xD; After that my lovely bff,
Nachi, is going to turn 20 on June 14th. She's planning on doing something
but she's not sure what do. I told her I was up for anything. :3
From June 17 - 19 there's going to be an anime convention that's being held
called Metro Convention. Tommy is really excited about going and so am I.
I'm mostly excited to see what kind of lolitas will be there since the city
its going to be in seems to have a good amount of local loli's. After that
there are 3 more birthdays. BT's birthday and my cousin's = June 24th and
Tommy's birthday = June 25th. It'll be somewhat of an eventful month. lol

I've been noticing this whole new craze about this fitness style known as
Zumba. I didn't know much about it until my mom decided to buy the
Zumba Fitness game for the Wii. I was with her when we bought it and she
kept telling me how she read reviews on it and most reviews were positive
so she wanted to try it out. Once I started playing the game is when I found
out what Zumba really was.

At first I thought Zumba was some sort of Brazilian dancing style.
I was sort of surprised, and kind of happy, that Zumba basically
incorporates different dancing styles into one workout routine.
The specific dancing style? They are all Latin/Carribbean dancing
styles like Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and I was even surprised
when I saw some Dancehall music/moves incorporated. There's some
hip hop too but I mostly felt comfortable with the Latin dancing
styles since I grew up surrounded by them.

Am I any good at any of them?
No, not really. D: Merengue maybe ...
If you have no idea how any of these dancing styles look like
I would recommend youtubing them if you're really curious.
I'm pretty sure everyone is very familiar with Salsa dancing.
Anybody? :D

Though, even if I'm not an amazing dancer, the game is still really
entertaining despite it not feeling much like a game.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find a good representation of the game
on youtube so instead I'll post a preview to a Zumba fitness DVD.

The game is no different from this DVD workout.
The objective is to basically follow up with the dancing silhouette
and you basically have to wear this specific belt that comes with
the game in which you place the wii mote into the belt's pocket and
supposedly the game will detect your hip movements through
the wii mote. Though, if you really didn't care about following
the silhouette then you can basically get points easily by just
wiggling your body. lol

I personally really like the silhouettes because it makes it easier
to just concentrate on the choreography and its moderate to follow
but to the point where you'll be drenched in sweat so this game
should definitely be played when you have nothing to do at home.
(where you can shower and wash your hair after playing)

Have you ever heard of Zumba before this post?

It really is popular around here ... I've noticed Zumba workout
centers opening up at different places including in a mall. lol


Mish said...

I like your makeup and your outfit. You're so cute! :3

Being really lazy I've only worked out with Zumba once, but it was quite fun. You don't realise how much of a workout it really is, until you're exhausted and sweaty at the end of it haha.


a e r i . t e r r o r ♥ said...

i have ^_^ my church wants me to lead a zumba class and is willing to pay me for it xD i know a little bit about zumba, but alot about latin dance ^_^ we both do, since we're both puerto rican, i actually dont think i've been to even one family gathering where they didnt force me to dance xD

Melody said...

I see it on TV all the freaking time xD hahaha ! I really wanna give it a go but ..I'm lazy lazy lazy ;~;

Also you look good as with short wigs ! :( IM JELLYING SO HARDD ;A;

Hello Naka said...

zumba! i go to a class every week :3 ive been going for over a month but i still can't help but laugh at myself I'm always thinking if i dance like this and im sober what would i dance like drunk :/

but im glad you like it ^^ it makes me want a Wii even more! and the wig looks so real!

Donkuri said...

I like your make up!

airam said...

hey i'd like the photos
i'll wait you :)

baby.xi said...

Love your shoes! &I know abt zumba, my mum does it but I don't. I think it's exhausting and kind of fun, but ehh, I don't like sports in general at all lol! I'm more of the lazy type lolol~

Ms.Thumbsup! said...

I wanted to join a Zumba class in September ! But maybe I won't finally ! lool

MayClover said...

Like your eyemakup :)

eimi.desu said...
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Drea ♪ said...

Zumba is also very popular here in the Netherlands :0
I want to try out, I haven't danced in years!
I've read the opposite of what your mom read D:
But maybe those reviewers were a lazy bunch haha XD
I hope it's fun for you though!

Oh and have fun at the convention :D !

Anonymous said...

I know right? It's a little embarrassing because some other college and high school students can see us doing those childish stuffs. :| And its true that college students, of course, are more responsible than what they are before when they're just it high school. :>

Carla said...

Omg, i love your hair! <3
i like the picture's (:

x '


you are so cutee!! :)
ciao ciao from Rome


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