My 'back to school' outfit for Melludee's competition.

Sooooo, a few days ago Melody
had announced a competition called The Back to School Competition where
you can submit your photo of what your personal interpretation of 'Going back to
school' means. Meaning, you can dress up as anything that reminds you of school.

School uniforms, nerds, preps, teachers, anything!
Here's the competition for more details and if you want to join in on the fun:
Click meee!

The competition ends on June 21st (that's when pictures will be up for voting)
and voting ends on June 28th (competition is completed ended at this point)

Since there's a lot of time left before the 21st ... I highly suggest for
anyone to go try this out! You never know if you end up winning. ;D

Here's my entry:

and here's the complete outfit:

I try to dress up in an uniform-ish type of outfit and I was trying to be
nerdy too. :p You're allowed to enter collages but I just couldn't figure
out how to make a collage with both my close up pics and the outfit pic. xD
Also, I didn't like how any of my outfit pictures showed up. :\

Did you have to wear a school uniform
throughout your elementary, middle school and high school years?

I never had to wear a uniform since I all of my schools were public and not private
and also its not really enforced in the US. Though ... I remember a time where
my middle school tried to enforce uniforms and me being a pushover I let my mom
convince me to wear them. After I noticed how no one wore them and I was the very
few that did wear them, I got fed up and fought with my mom about it. Eventually,
I got rid of the uniforms and dressed however I wanted. I wasn't necessarily
good at wearing whatever I wanted. :p I was the typical scrunched up jeans,
plain t-shirt, dirty sneakers, type of nerd. Its so relieving when you realize how
much you have evolved as a person. lol


sugar sugar said...

i went to a private school since i started schooling. :) so yes, uniforms were pretty much a part of my life except when i went to grad. school. =)

Hello Naka said...

the polka dot tie is so cute :3 i had to wear unifomr *cries* but no i wish i had it back, it sucks to have to pick an outfit everyday to wear XD tehe yep i used to be the jeans and tee girl, I guess I still am, but i'm evolving kinda XD

Donkuri said...

oh very nice!

Melody said...

Ahaaa you look so adorableeee <3 !
And thanks for entering lovee ;D you always look so cuteee in all your outfit photos *_* !!

T~T ALL SCHOOLS in Australia have uniform - doesn't matter if it's public or private >_<" ! So I'm heaps happy that I get to wear whatever I want in Uni now xDD

baby.xi said...

So cuuute! We dont have to wear uniform here hahaha :P!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I've never had to wear a uniform before and that makes me very happy because I enjoy dressing however I like. However, some girls dress really inappropriately, so maybe there should be a dress code...XD

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