What the heck ...

Ugh, blogger's sort of driving me crazy. @_@

I had published a post two days ago and now its not showing up. Not even as a draft ...
it might of been because of the maintenance that was happening.


I'll have to write a new post later on today.

Has this happened to anyone?

Edit: The post reappeared again. :3


HitomiNeko said...

aww that sux... I don’t think it has happen to me~ but I think most ppl still have most of their post ok~ =) hopefully ur missing post will turn up later ~

xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

HitomiNeko said...

@ Pooper : O yay~ a response ~~ & a good one too~ I was kinda afraid that ppl won’t read my long post =P ~~~ I don’t think I been in a lot of stress.. at least not in this couple of days. According to my hubby, I get nightmares if I cover myself with too many layers of blanket! ( which is something I like to do ~~~) So, glad you like the dream diary post~ hopefully i’ll dream more interesting things so I can blog them! ha ^^

Ps: I saw your previous post for the playhouse & toy things~ SO CUTE! ooOOo u r right, we’re never 2 old for toys.. I totally want them!!!!

xoxo Hitomineko xoxo

Sarah said...

What a pity that blogger didn't work well for a few hours ;_;
I lost one comment but, fortunately it was a comment-response that I had writte(>_<)

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