Good times meet bad times and vice versa.

Really Long Post Ahead.

Yesterday morning wasn't the greatest of times and neither was this morning.
Last night I had a lot of fun and recovered from how I was feeling but the
news that was brought to me this morning completely broke my heart.

It started with yesterday morning where I just happen to be vacuuming the
dining room. I look out at the window and I'm unsure of what I was seeing. I
couldn't believe that our family's pet dog, his name is Lion, was having a seizure.

I've never seen an animal have a seizure before and it freaked me out to the
point where I sort of panicked and made a scene. My mom came over and was
extremely worried and scared. Lion was foaming through his mouth and he had
urinated himself while having his seizure and at first me and mom didn't know
what to do. We were kind of scared to approach him because at first we
thought exaggerated things like "What if he got poisoned and now he's dying?!"
We just panicked and couldn't think correctly.

After a couple of seconds he stopped, and returned back to normal.
We immediately called my dad and told him about Lion. My dad rushed out
of work early and once he arrived I got dressed and went with my dad, and
Lion to the vet. At the vet Lion had another seizure right after the nurse
had checked his temperature. The nurses injected Vallium in him to help
calm down whatever was starting the seizures and immediately they drew blood
to check if anything was wrong with him internally.

After they received the blood work results the doctor tells me and my dad
that Lion has nothing wrong with his organs and it might be that he has Epilepsy.
The doctor said that Lion needs to see an MRI specialist to check if he
actually has epilepsy but she also suggested that it could be that he's just having
random seizures. She gave us medication that will help control his seizures and
right when were preparing to pay for the bill and medication Lion gets
another seizure. The nurses immediately come back out again, helped him feel
relaxed and injected another dose of Vallium. At this point everyone in the
lobby room felt worried and scared. They told us if anything continues to
persist with Lion just take him to an emergency pet clinic. There wasn't
much they could do because no one knew the causes for his seizures.

We brought him back home and he ends up getting 2 more seizures ... at that point
I felt unhappy and filled with grief. I almost did not go to one of my closest
friend's wedding party ... I just felt like crap. My mom convinced me to go so
that I can be there for my friend ... and so I ended up going. My mom assured
me that her and my dad will be watching over Lion attentively.

My friend planned the wedding party because recently she had married at court
and wanted to have a small celebration within her and her husband's closest
friends. It was indeed the best party I've ever went to.

The wife, my friend who had organized this party. She's so pretty.

I chose to wear a wig because I had a short amount of time to get ready.

I socialized like I never did before, and danced like I never did before.
I constantly checked my phone to see if I'd get any calls from parents
or from Tommy ... but no one called. So I ended up really having a blast
that night thinking that everything was just fine.

It wasn't until this morning when I found out that Lion had passed away.
Before I went to the party Lion spent hours calmly laying down with no
seizures. We had thought they had stopped for good. While I was at the party
his seizures started to reappear. They got worse and worse to the point where
Lion couldn't walk anymore and according to my dad the seizures had taken its toll
on Lion's body. My dad rushed to the emergency clinic as soon as he could.
Once the the doctor got to examine him ... The doctor told my dad that Lion
wasn't able to live for too long... Lion was whimpering and could barely move.
There was no choice but to put down Lion. I can't imagine how my dad must
of felt at that moment ... he was the closest to him. When I found out about this
I couldn't really grasp it and I wonder why no one called me. My mom said
that she didn't want to ruin my night with the news ... Spontaneously I started
to cry and back again I was filled with grief.

I wasn't as close to him like I should of been but I still truly
cared for him. I was extremely upset cause I'd hope that everything
would be fine. We have another dog that was really close to Lion.
Our other dog would not stop howling and whimpering once Lion was taken
away to the clinic. I felt worse seeing him suffer without Lion.
It's just been an upsetting time. I don't know how many people may view
this as somewhat silly ... I just have a lot of sympathy towards animals.
I almost hate seeing those animal shelter commercials on television where
they show injured animals staring helplessly at the camera. (We have these commercials in the US) The commercials serve an important purpose but I just
can't hold a straight face while watching them.

I really hope he's in a better place now and that at least he's relieved from
the entire day of suffering he endured ... My dad told me that Lion had a total
of at least 20 seizures yesterday. D': I just couldn't believe it, 20
seizures in one day... Can a human endure that many in one day without something
severe happening? I just googled it and I see some rare cases where its happened.

Rest in peace Lion ... You always very jolly and very affectionate and I
hope you're having fun in the big dog park in the sky...

Do you feel worried about becoming attached to an animal?
Even if you've never owned a pet do you ever see a stray cat or dog
and just worry about their future?


♥ Ani~熊貓 ♥ said...

hey girl hope you're okay! I used to have 2 dogs which I grew up with and both passed away :( it's sad ! Just remember all the happy times, and time will heal the sadness ><

♥mynameisnur♥ said...

I'm so sorry for you lost.

I really know how you feel. Before my late cat passed away she had a seizure too, it was so bad that the doc couldn't do anything. Rather than seeing her suffer we had to make a decision of putting her to sleep!

It was really hard for me because at that time I was in Melbourne and I really couldn't be with her.

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