So much for that last post ...

I've decided to just come back and hopefully stick to blogging.
This seems like a petty, on and off battle with myself on whether
I should continue this blog or at least it seems this way for a while. xD

Either way, I just missed blogging for the sake of blogging. I missed the
interaction it gave me with people who share similar interests with me.
I shouldn't let my insecurities stop me from being on here. I
have no other reason as to why I stopped so I'm going to go with insecurities. :p

I'm just going to start anew ... starting now.

Tomorrow (Monday for me) I start my summer term for college and this will be my ...
my sixth semester I think. Two more before I can finally get my Associates in
Arts. :P From there I can finally enter a University and continue on with my studies.
I had a recent change in major where I went from Psychology to Accounting.
This is going to sound silly but I really like the idea of just sitting in a cubicle
and punching in numbers and information in a computer. xD I'm aware that's not all
there is to the job but having your own cubicle seems like ... fun? haha.
I did do a lot of research for accounting, and I'm pretty much aware of what the
advantages and disadvantages. I felt like this career would suit me better compared
to all the others I've looked into.

The recent decision was made because I feel like I'm not really much
of a good student and so I won't probably make it into a
Graduate's Program for Psychology. D': I shouldn't doubt myself but I've also realized
that I would pretty much love to be done with school right when I get my bachelor's.
With costs and everything, I just don't think I'll able to stay in school for that

(Unless something awesome happens like a grant or scholarship will come my way.
I would stay and make it all the way to a Ph.D IF I was guaranteed free tuition. :D)

That's pretty much a recent update about myself. ^^;
and about all of you ...

What is the one career you wish you could pursue and
what is the one career you're actually going to pursue?

I wish I could major in theater or music. c: It's a lot of hard work involved
but I can't help but to imagine how much fun it is to be able to play an instrument
or act out an entire play.


Anonymous said...

glad your back. i feel the same way too sometimes. if i shouldnt blog or if i should. i dont blog reguraly but everyone is so sweet i keep coming back ^.^

a e r i . t e r r o r ♥ said...

glad your back! my art career is over because my mom put my entire art portfolio i did for college into the basement when she knew that it would flood. so it is all ruined.. i posted about it on thursday i think. i was super upset :(

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed all your cute, happy posts! ^^

I would love to pursue modeling, so I can wear designer clothes and meet all the designers I love, but I don't have the image for it. (I'm too short and not skinny enough!) Modeling would only be a way of meeting designers and other models that I love, not because I like having photos of myself taken...Being a chef would be fun, but my dad says I wouldn't be a good one because I burn myself too often! XD

I'll probably go into medicine because many of my family members are in that field (Nurses, phamacists, Drug Reps, Doctors, etc.), but at the moment, I'm working to be a buyer for a department store, hopefully!

Being an actress would be fun because you could really let loose without worrying about looking silly! Good luck with accounting! Having a cubicle sounds kind of fun because all the TV shows and movies depict it that way, so let me know if they are!

Ice Pandora said...

POOPIEEE <3 I missed you :(
I'm sorry to hear about might not be getting into the school. But who knows? :o

My wish is to live and be happy :) oh and fashion designer? haha


Hello Naka said...

i wish I could pursue dressmaking, but im pursuing engineering XD andglad to hear u missed blogging we missed u! :) welcome back :)

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