Star Wars Weekend 2011: More Photos.

Continuing on from this post. :3
The rest of the photos are somewhat not Star Wars related ...

While wandering around MGM Studios we were attempting to
find as many Star Wars related things as possible ...
Instead we enter a building and we find Minnie and Stitch
waiting to pose for some pictures(Piglet was outside of
the building). Nachi and I were very excited to see
no line for a picture with Minnie and Stitch.
Especially Minnie!

For introduction purposes this is Nachi's boyfriend, Carlos, wearing a
Boba Fett helmet. Eventually he almost had a heat stroke while wearing it
(I'm joking ) and took it off an hour later after wearing it. He then
started to throw the stuff he bought in it and carried it around with all his
goods in it.
(In all honesty, wearing that AP skirt nearly killed me as well. :x )

These sunglasses have seen their last camera,
they ended up breaking a few hours later.
It was probably a sign, Nachi and Tommy kept telling me
to take them off cause they didn't like them and personally I didn't either.

I felt not only happy because I got to pose with Piglet but weirded out. xD
When I approached him I immediately waved at him and he started
to touch my headband cause there was a little plastic cake on it.
He got excited and made giggling gestures then we hugged. During the
hug Piglet mushed his mouth onto my face (mind you his mouth took up
my entire face) and I heard a loud smooch. He kissed me. :'D
It made me smile and I felt special for some reason.
I've never had a Disney character do that so it felt weird.
I also don't know if its a male under that suit or female. lolol
According to Carlos (who works at Disney, thanks to him we were able
to attend Star Wars Weekend) he says that in order to work as characters like
Micky, Minnie, Piglet, Stitch, you have to be at least 5'0ft tall or 152 cm.
So he told us that they mostly hire girls to do those characters.
Once that was mentioned my group looked at me and agreed that I would be
perfect for that sort of job.

I'd LOVE to be a Disney mascot ...

It was a plush doll just strapped there. We did suspect for a second
whether it was a real infant. xD

Before we had our turn to take pictures with Minnie there was this
family before us who had this really adorable toddler who wouldn't let go
of Minnie. ;__; She kept yelling out "Minnie!" in a very enthusiastic tone
and she kept saying, "I love you! I love you Minnie mouse!!" Oh God, it
was heart breaking! Minnie kept spoiling the toddler with hugs and the little
girl kept giggling with happiness. It was the sweetest thing to watch.

Stitch was another character who tried to do his way with me.
Right after the picture was taken Stitch lightly pushes away Tommy
and walks off with me while holding onto my arm. Nachi yells out, "
He's trying to take your woman away!" We didn't go very far as Stitch
had to return back. It was probably the Lolita skirt or something that
were making these characters like me so much. After going through that
I told Nachi that I was definitely going to be in Lolita on my next visit
to Disney.

Apparently, Stitch was trying to hook up with all the young ladies.
He did the same thing to Nachi that Piglet did to me but instead of a kiss
Stitch made a loud licking noise. lolol Again, I question which gender
might be hiding underneath the suits.

With Carlos all Stitch did was knock on his helmet. lol

What if you had the chance to work as Disney
character? Would you do it? and if so which character?

It seems like I talk to much about Disney. D:


Donkuri said...

nice photos ^^

Chococcuro said...

Your bf's helmet is awesome!! My bf has on his eye on a storm trooper suit xD

Your outfit is so adorable btw!!

Love your blog~ will be following ^^

HitomiNeko said...

wow ~ nice photos! ^^ ~ I like ur outfit! & i really like that u have a total diff look for every blog post! haha.. nice nice !

xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

If I could work as any Diusney character, I would want to work as Alice! I doubt an Asian Alice would work for Disney and I'm pretty sure I'm too short to be her. Did you know they have height requirements for their characters? :o

caddü said...

wooooooow looks like a wonderful day! :D
I love stormtroopers.. they look so sexay :D

<33 with love, me

PS. i love the bonbon-hair!!! <3

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