Pamyu Pamyu Revolution (Personal Review) - Pt. 2

Hi everyone!

Finally, part 2. ●﹏☉
In this part of the review, I'll be talking about my personal opinion on each song from the album.

Before I continue with that, I'll just give everyone a quick update of what's been going on with me. Well, remember those lenses I said I was going to buy? I bought them a week ago, they came in after 3 days of purchase, and I'll definitely make a review for them as my next post. Yesterday was Nachi's birthday, so me and our whole group of friends decided to meet her up at TGI Fridays for dinner. Hopefully I'll be able to get some pictures from my friends to post on here. Or even better, one of my friends took multiple videos of us goofing off at Fridays. lol Let's see if he'll compile a video soon enough. 

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1. "Pamyu Pamyu Revolution (ぱみゅぱみゅレボリューション)"

This song is definitely welcoming you to Kyary's world. Though, the intro song for Moshi Moshi Harajuku was so much better. Like, Kyary no March is real legit as an intro song y'know? I've never cared for intro songs until Kyary no March. Getting offtopic but yes, Pamyu Pamyu Revolution is adorable and plays its typical role as an intro song for this album.

2. "Tsukema Tsukeru (つけまつける)"

It took me a while to really appreciate this song. I started appreciating it by February, two months after the digital single released. To be honest, now I love this song. I think it was because of all the times I've watched the MV for it. I really love this song because of its MV. The choreography goes extremely well with the song and gives the song purpose. I don't think I'd like this song as much if it didn't have a MV. I'd probably find no purpose in it.

3. "PonPonPon"

Of course ... the greatest song of all time that has the greatest MV of all time ... We can ALL agree that this song is nothing without its MV and vice versa. To be honest, if this song didn't have a MV I'm not sure if I'd love it as much? I mean, I CAN'T IMAGINE A UNIVERSE WHERE THIS MV AND SONG TOGETHER DIDN'T EXIST. Would I still love ponponpon the same? I'm not sure! ;A; Maybe I might? Ahhhhh. I think I would love it regardless. Really catchy, really upbeat, also Yasutaka Nataka made this. I remember when I first watched this MV and a few seconds in I already fell for the song. Then the pon's and the way's came my way and I died and resurrected with this new profound love for Kyary. This song still never gets old for me.

4. "Minna no Uta (みんなのうた)"

This song reminds me so much of Rhythm Heaven. Rhythm Heaven is a Nintendo DS game where you use your stylus to play through rhythm based mini games. Well, immediately after listening to this song I started getting memories about the game.

I think its the piano in Minna no Uta that probably triggered those Rhythm Heaven memories or maybe it's from Kyary's "pam pam pampampam". It makes me wish I could play this song through a rhythm heaven styled mini game. ;-;

5. "Kyary An-An (きゃりーANAN)"

For some reason, this song isn't as engaging for me. This is probably more suited as an intro song then an actual song. The "an an an an" part is too much for me I suppose. I remember getting upset at this song when listening to the Tsukema Tsukeru single.

6. "Candy Candy"

My feelings for ponponpon go out to this song too. (●´∀`●) I have the SAME feelings for it. What can I say? MV's make the song.

7. "Drinker"

I think of Perfume's Macaroni when I listen to this. AND I LOVE MACARONI. Calm yet upbeat, its catchy and I can definitely feel more relaxed from this track. Drinker is Pamyu Pamyu Revolution's equivalent to Moshi Moshi Harajuku's Jelly when it comes to that less upbeat song that everyone can appreciate.

8. "Onedari 44°C (おねだり44°C)"

THIS SONNNG. Its so uplifting! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I honestly feel like this song captures the true essence of Kyary. The intro of this song really gets you worked up. I feel like dancing in a goofy manner when listening to this. If anything I really hope a MV for this song releases! I have no idea how they would execute a MV for this but omg ... I can only hope!

9. "Suki Sugite Kiresou (スキすぎてキレそう)"

Good song. ^-^ I'm not sure what to say. I really like this song but that's all I can come up with! Its cutesy and on the calmer side which makes me appreciate it a lot.

10. "Giri Giri Safe (ぎりぎりセーフ)"

If a MV comes out for this song, and if the MV executes well ... I might die happily of a heart attack.

11. "Oyasumi (おやすみ)"

... This song sort of, kind of reminds me of COLTEMONIKHA's Arikui Waltz. Sort of (I'm on to you Nakata!) Oyasumi is one of those songs that make me want to tear up for a little bit and enjoy the bit of innocence that I can remember from my childhood. It also makes me want to get geared up in Lolita and laze around while this song plays in the background.

12. "Chan Chaka Chan Chan (ちゃんちゃかちゃんちゃん)"

I think of Super Sentai (Power Rangers) or Magical Girls (Sailor Moon, Pretty Cure) when listening to it. ;-; Its absolutely fun to listen to! I especially love the montage near the end where there are instrumental versions of Ponponpon, CANDY CANDY, and Tsukema Tsukeru playing through. I'm not sure but I think the song may be letting us know that the whole album is ending as she sings "See you, See you, See you again" and "See you, See you, See you next time". I'll have to look into the translated lyrics to find out.

I have so much love for this album. SO MUCH. It definitely led me to this point of just sitting down and writing on here all of my feels for each and every song on this album. I'm not quite big on Jpop ... but there are exceptions. I use to be BIG on Jrock and for me to go from bands like Mucc, Distraught OVERLORD, and D'espairs Ray to Kyary of all people ... is a strange transition. xD I've always loved Yasutaka Nakata's works so that probably explains my huge attraction to Kyary's music. Kyary's individuality and the music just go together so well that its like a perfect match. PERFECT.

At this moment, I'm very grateful that she exists. As strange as that sounds. Through her, I've felt stronger, happier, and more confident. During times where I've felt like I couldn't bare with my problems, Kyary was there. She's versatile in her style, and in her personality that it helps me believe I can do anything. Her music, clears my mind and helps me eliminate those pesky insecure thoughts that frequently appear. Kyary motivates me in every aspect of my life. The reason why I'm writing all of this is because I wasn't myself during a time of extreme stress not too long ago. Kyary helped me through that, especially when I couldn't even look at myself. I have no idea what I'm going to do when I become older and there's no more Kyary. Then who will I turn to? Kyary hasn't been the only one to inspire me but I'm very glad she's one of the few who has.

Right now I can openly admit that Kyary is my number one top artist.
I can't help to wonder though, who will be next?

Overall, Pamyu Pamyu Revoliton was just amazing. xD


Ice Pandora said...

I love that Rhythm Heaven game c:
That robot level is one of the
level I can't complete with a

I want to have more time to listen
J-pop :c


Melody said...

Ah! Thanks for the review :D
I think Tsukema Tsukeru is one of my favourites *__*! And oh, I actually didn't really like Candy Candy at first ... but it's another favourite now :D

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