My outfit for Wednesday:

A close up of the skirt's details:

Hey there everyone! Is everyone pumped up and excited
about Halloween? :'D

I sure am! Even though I might or might not have plans
for the day of Halloween. On the 30th I have a friend who's hosting
this huge party at night but I really can't go to it since
I have to attend an Orchestra by the Orlando Philharmonic.
It's at night, and it's on the same day as the party. :\
The reason why I need to go to this is because of my
Renaissance/Baroque class, we have a very important paper
that we need to write, and involves research and experiencing,
how I like to call it, the art/music of the renaissance/baroque
in action. I don't mind going to an Orchestra as it will be my
first time. I'm actually really excited about it, but I also
wanted to go the party.
You can't have your cake, and eat it too.
I mean I could crash the party afterwords, but I don't know.
I would need to change into a costume or *cough*lolita*cough*
but then also I'd need a ride there. :\

I have another friend (one of my bff's) who really wanted to
hang out with me but his friend wants him to go hang out at
Melbourne (Florida) for Halloween. We were going to be Lolitas,
and his friend had planned to hang out with him on Halloween
first so I told him its fine even though he really wanted to be
a Lolita with me ... As of now plans for Halloween, I'm not sure
what will go on. lol

I'm probably going to most likely stay at home,
and wander around the house in full out Lolita.
(petticoat, wig, etc)

Lolita isn't a costume, but my family tend to be ignorant about
the style so I guess no one will say anything if I do dress out
completely. I shouldn't be scared to wear Lolita outside my room
(even though I was able to do it whenever I went out with my bf).
I'm trying to work on that and trying to be more brave about it.
My boyfriend really likes the style, so when he's around no one makes
comments. If I'm alone wearing Lolita, comments just roll by.
(My mom likes to say I'm trying to be Lady Gaga. Wtf.
I love Gaga to death, but people always attach what they
think is weird with Gaga. It gets old.)

So any ways, sorry for the mini rant. :p heh heh.
It went from Halloween to my fear of being alone
in Lolita.

What are your plans for Halloween?
What or who are you going to dress up us?
Do you celebrate Halloween?

I love Halloweeeen.
I don't find anything evil about it at all.
Maybe that's cause I dont know the history
behind it.

Both Halloween and Christmas are my favorite holidays.


myou said...

so pretty ^.^

P o o p e r said...

Thank you! :D

Kira Sakurai said...


Donkuri said...

lovely skirt ^_^

Melody said...

You look adorable as usual <3
And in Australia, NO ONE celebrates Halloween (except for a few and they're considered a bit weird xD) ..you don't see little kids running around in costumes and etc. And it's a bit of a shock if you do see it xD ( I remember these kids came to my house once and I was like ._.wth? ) But it seems like heaps of fun and I wish I could have a reason to dress up ;A; !!

Aw, the situation with your parents is hard ><" ! I guess that having a certain sort of style is hard when your close relations don't understand it :( ! My older siblings are quite mean about my style too. I wear a lot of bow headbands and just before I got into Uni they told me I looked like a kid and that no one wore it to uni :( ! Sighhhh. My parents don't mind it at all which I love but my dad listens to my siblings a lot >>" ! Mum thinks the lolita style is cute though x3 which is GOOD. (She loves how its not low cut etc xD) But sighhh. My older siblings are so annoying ! :( They even commented when I first started using make up and when I went through my goth stage :[ ! Andddddd, my older sister was like "Why would you choose any colour contact apart from brown? It's too unnatural" - THAT MADE ME SO ANGRY :< ! Grrr.

I'm just lucky my younger brother thinks like me <3 although he does tease me a little when I dress up / cosplay xD

Melody said...

^ My sister doesn't wear anything but trousers and cotton in plain colours anyways. Never uses make up. Doesn't do her hair at all. And is well really plain :( . And my older brother is one of those "lets go to the beach and party" / "work out in the gym" guys so I guess he doesn't seem the appeal in "cutesy girls" :X

such.is-jaHnice said...

*squeezes you* pooper you are so cute! i love your outfit posts ;] .. you always look cute in anything you wear ^^ .. i've also been meaning to ask you - what ethnicity are you ^^
like melody said, Australia doesn't really celebrate Halloween haha .. i mean we get some kids that run around knocking on your door, but they don't take it as seriously here ;\ .. i wish they did though. i would totally run around dressed like Lulu from Final Fantasy >.<
mmmm sucks that you cant dress the way you want to dress :( .. its always hard when people dont accept your style for what it is, like my boyfriend for example cant stand me wearing darker colours :( he always teases me and says "ohh look at the goth" .. I guess we just have to stand up for ourselves right pooper? your beautiful pooper, so do what makes you happy and dont worry about other peoples remarks !!
Lots of hugs !

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love your skirt! That's cool that you have a friend who wants to dress Lolita with you! :3

I hope you can find someone to go trick or treating with! ^-^

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