DI-SO-NEE (Disney).

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Disney is all I can think about lately.
Even though, I've always loved Disney ...
It use to not always be on my mind, and I never really thought
about what specific things I liked from it.
(movies, songs, characters, Disney theme parks, etc ...)

Recently, when I talk to Nachi or Evelin, even if the conversation
is about less than an hour we always end up including Disney!

I was talking to Evelin on skype yesterday and she asked me about my
favorite Disney movies, and I listed 3. She found it
funny how they all tend to be similar in a sense. xD And that
somehow the movies, sort of explain something about me
or some thing important that we all want in our lives.

I also thought about my favorite characters and narrowed it down to 3.
I want to share with you all my favorite Disney movies and characters. :D

3 Disney film Favorites:

1)The Little Mermaid

I always tear up whenever the 'Part of your World'
scene comes up, and when the song plays ... D':
Its like my deep inner feelings of wanting a change come out.
She wants to venture out of the sea, and enjoy a new
environment where she has never been there before. She was always
curious about the human world (note: all her 'trinkets'
and other items from the human world). Though, what
really motivated her to go was Prince Eric. I've always
had a mini crush on him. ;A; Favorite Disney Prince? Yes ma'am!
This movie just makes me cry all over the place, and also makes
feel incredibly happy.


Why do I love this movie? Because it was very my first
Disney film that I had ever seen. I have repeated
this movie over and over and over and over. The last
time I watched Cinderella was literally ... when I was like 7.
And I still remember every scene. What I like is the
that Cinderella's life dramatically changes once she meets
her fairy god mother. Yeah, sure after the ball she had some problems, but!
The prince couldn't get her off his mind. :DD
There's also a special song in this movie, So This Is love,
that me and boyfriend literally got emotional to as we listened to
it 2 days prior to his military leave to Iraq.
I really love this movie, just cause it holds a lot of value to me.

3)Alice in Wonderland

durrrr. This is like everyone's favorite, or atleast to a
shitload of lolitas. xD but I can't help
myself, I really love this movie. What I love about it is
how curious and excited Alice becomes, especially when
chasing after the white rabbit. But ... as she goes deeper
into Wonderland she starts regretting the whole thing. She
gets fed up with all the troubles she has to go through...
and nothing ever gets better along the way.
I read the book as well, which of course has more
fun content in it but the movie makes me feel happy and the songs
are amazing to sing to.

As for the 3 favorite Disney characters ...

I believe this post is getting too long. D:
Hopefully for the next one, I'll be able to add it in there!
And also I really want to show you Nachi's gift that she gave me.
It wasn't originally meant for me, but ahh I still love it. xD

Now! Could you lovely readers tell me ...

What are your 3 favorite
Disney films? or which ones do you seem to enjoy?

I know a lot of you are really busy, as I am too,
so sorry for the long-ish post! ;-;


Tam said...

Great post it got me analysing my 3 favourite characters/disney movie. I like beauty and the beast, peter pan and snow white. Wouldn't it be nice if we all had fairytale ending *sigh*
I personally love the long posts so apologise not accepted haha :P

Donkuri said...

I love Alice in wonderland *_*

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