Long time no seeeee. :D
Hey everyone! I'm going to be talking about
how my day went at Halloween Horror Nights
on Sunday or on 10/10/10. Lol

I explained how HHN works in this post: Click me! :'3
Read that to learn how this event works.

So! The event started at 6:30pm and ended at around 1 something am.
We left when it was closing, we had tried to go through as
many of the events as possible that day.

Here's what me and Nachi wore:

I was dying to wear this shirt while she wore
hers!! *__* It made me feel extremely happy
that we were matching with our shirts. <333

Here's mee waving my sleepy Rilakkuma bag at the camera:

When we got to Universal, it was sunny out
until 7ish or 8pm rolled by. By that time
it was really dark out and so I took a random
picture at night with the flash on and it came out
like this:


I did manage to take like 4 pictures before it got
dark out, wish I had taken more.

Why did this photo come out partially blurry? Because this man was waiting
for me to take the photo and then run after me. I got excited, and took the
picture and once I did, this man turned on his chainsaw and ran towards me.
Chainsaws sound scary when up close!
I think I was chased 2 or 3 times that night. :D

We went through 2 or 3 scare zones that night.
What really took up all the time we had there was
waiting in lines in order to enter the haunted houses
they had. There were 8 haunted houses in total, but
we only went to 6.

Hallow'd Past was the first haunted house we went to, it was awesome.
It was the goriest in my opinion just because I remember a lot
of bloody body parts piled up on shelves and as went entered
a very familiar setting, we notice an Alice on top of
the mad tea party table practically eating out the insides
of the white rabbit who's lower abdomen was completely cut open with organs
all spread out. I still remember it clearly. :'D
The next setting we stumbled upon after the Alice one was a fun house,
with mirrors everywhere and clowns. Scary clowns.
This house was one of my favorites.

Catacombs ... wasn't as scary as I would of liked. I did get startled
by these people with bird masks on. :\ But this haunted house was about
the ghosts/graves of the people who died during a plague.
I don't remember which plague or where this was based. lol

Havoc reminded me of Halo or of Call of Duty or some military-like
video game. There were these crazy savage bald people running around in military
uniforms. I honestly don't what was up with that but I'm going to assume that they were all exposed to some chemical and so they became savage? xD;

Orfanage. This one's about an Orphanage that got burned down while the
orphans were still in it. This was really entertaining, they had kids
and adult-looking children running around in there trying to scare
us. All I could really remember from this one was my frined Justin practically
trying to climb all over me. XDD He was really REALLY scared of this house.
Try to imagine a 5'6 ft (167 cm) man/boy trying to climb over a 5'0ft (152 cm) girl.
After that house he left our group for another group. lol

Psychoscareapy, a haunted house about the crazies and their need to be insane.
This was a lot of fun, but I mostly remember Evelin ripping my clothes off as
her boyfriend had stopped holding her while mid way through the house.
Lmao, I didn't mind it but it was really funny when she slapped him after we
had left the house. His excuse? He was trying to disco dance through the house.

The last one we went to, and THE BEST was Hades.
In the Hades haunted house they were all up in your face, the creatures I mean.
There were cyclops (in greek mythology cyclops were not evil :[ ), demons,
and other hideous creatures that you would find in an underworld, or in this
case Hell. I have a weakness for demons, devil-ish creatures with horns.
While walking through this house, a devil-ish creature's face appeared like
literally inches away from my face. I screamed, I think I screamed really loud.
Not too sure, but this creature got me! He was all up on my face and boy did I
really want to get out after seeing him. D: Just because I seriously got scared,
this house is one of my favorites. <333

Overall, I had a lot of fun! Can't wait until next year. :'3

Do you like the feeling of being scared?
It depends for me. If I were to go through these houses by myself,
then I probably would not be able to get through with it.


Donkuri said...

wow cute t-shirt and rilakkuma bag *_*

☆ NachiPoo said...

I wish we could have gotten to the other houses! But for my 1st time this was really really fun and I sooo want to go again next year! >.<

Naka said...

i dont think I could d it by myself XD I would have to have a guy with me or a irl that can kick ass just so I felt safe XD
and i love ur tshirts so much!!

☆rabbito-bonbon☆ said...

OMG the houses look scary!But I don't really scare though because I love ghosts and I'd like to see one in my real life! (*^O^)

Aww♥ Cute BFF shirts~~ (>w< )

kaizokumousy said...

X_X the man holding a chainsaw is really scary.Is that real chain saw?O.O

btw I love your mickey mouse shirt :3 love love love iT!!!

btw hun, about that Nana2 movie :( it really did made me sad, At first I wonder why you said It's a different person acting as Nana, but then i saw it you are right.And not just that,... even Ren and Shin were different.And the story is just superrrrrrrrrr arggghh made me really sad.It has bad ending x.x

oke nvm im ruining the story for u x.x sorry sorry.

anyways have a good day today :)

MissLove said...

thanks you so much for the comment! :)
and you're style is so good!


Naka said...

oh wow I can't imagaine buying a brand dress new, I don't think I would ever wear it just incase it got ruined :(

such.is-jaHnice said...

Eeeeep. Man with a chainsaw looks heaps scary. I would've cried if he chased me :(
Loving the matching outfits. So cute how when you stand near eachother they kiss ^________^
I personally love and hate the feeling of being scared. LOL. I love watching ghost movies & doing things like this, ghost houses etc .. but then afterwards when I am by myself I regret it because then I cant sleep or go anywhere in the dark by myself LOL.
I remember when I was @ Hong Kong Disneyland we did the ghost house and there was this man who blended in with the walls and I didnt realize he was standing right next to me until he grabbed me. I couldnt sleep for a days after that and forced my boyfriend to sit infront of the bathroom whenever I had to go LOL


Momo said...

I like your T-shirt and the Rilakkuma bag! So lovely!
I like being scared, but not by myself. I also love to watch scary movies. But I can't watch them alone! ^^''

P o o p e r said...

To Kaizokumousy: They're real chainsaws but the good thing is they removed all of the blades. :D Still scary though!

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