Happy Halloweeeeeen!

My first video, ever.
I tried editing the video but the only editor
I have for videos is Windows Movie Maker, and
what that does is ruin the quality for my video
and it lags the audio. Hmm. Maybe I just don't
know how to properly mess with WMM? xD

I'm extremely goofy in real life, ahh.
I made like 2 or 3 of the same videos
and I liked this one the best ...
In the others I stutter, and my lisp is more noticeable.
I wish I could edit out the end without messing
up the quality of the video. Oh well. -.-;

But yes! I hope everyone is having a Happy Halloween,
even for those of you who don't celebrate it,
I just hope you all have a really great day!

EDIT 1/1/2010: I forgot to mention that I was trying to
use WMM to help flip the video. hehe xD; I was getting frustated
cause when I did flip the video both the quality and audio got
a bit messed up.


Naka said...

awh ur so cute ^^ and i love ur dress in ur video and glasses :3 have a happy haloween :3

Melody said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH YOU ARE SO CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ! /squeels :D ! Hahah I love your American accent ! I feel like copying it but I can't do an American accent to save my life pshh :(!

Anyways, WHY IS THE CAMERA ON THE SIDE LOL! D: I always do that to my camera too cos I like taking photos on the side ..so I automatically do that when I video too x3 ! teheheh.

Oh~ with video editing programs; you could try downloading something called "Vegas Pro 9.0" - it's what I use but it's a little more ..advance @-@"! You can change the lighting and effects and etcetc. (You have to pay/ or be sneaky like me and find a rip on the net)

Nyaa. You are so cute. You make me want to make a video again now BUT I HAVE MY EXAM TMR SO MAYBE LATERRRR!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Kawaii ne!! o(;A;)o I love your outfit you look soooooo cute!♥ Omg you really got the American accent~~!

....(*O*)<-Lol excited Japanese girl!! XDXD

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

nice vids~~~
happy halloween too <3

Xiao moon said...

Awww your so damn cute >w<!
I wanna put you in my pocket hahaha XD

☆ NachiPoo said...

lmaaoo awww you're so cute. You have no accent to me cause well....I talk to you all the time haha. The outfit is sooo cute my love, and I'm sad we couldn't do anything on Halloween. I really wanted to ;____;

:'3 I wanted to do a halloween video but I was working. -sigh- I'll do a random one for your bday or something :p

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Heeelllo! I've tagged YOU for an award on my awesome blog ^__^ Here is the link.. http://imadeablogbecauseifailedyoutube.blogspot.com/2010/11/my-first-ever-blog-award.html
You totally deserve it! ;D

Emma <33

such.is-jaHnice said...

O.M.G I want to steal you & just cuddle you. You are so cute Pooper and you make such a gorgeous Lolita !! You should dress like that more often, I dont know how people can not think you look gorgeous!!
Like Melody said, I love your American accent haha! I love the ending "Ahhhhhh so awkward" hahahaha!
Hope you had a good Halloween !


☆ K i n g said...

Jennnn. ;A;
You are just the cutest thing!♥
I can't wait to see you and Nachi again now that I have a car. *U*

Melody said...


Naka said...

wish pocky was cheap in the UK :(
whats ur favourtie flavour? I need to remind myself of them all when i go back to hong kong XD

kaizokumousy said...

ur really cute!!!^.^

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