Not so jealous nowww.

Guess the album cover?

So my itouch was really jealous of my cell phone.
It thought it was totally unfair how I use it just as much
as the cell phone, yet it doesn't have it's own comfy
place to charge up.

I was browsing on ebay last week and I saw the blue tofu
cell phone holder for like, a $1 something and free shipping.
So I thought, "Why not!" and now both devices are happy, except
maybe for my camera. If they had plush camera holders
I'd probably get one!

For anyone who owns an itouch, or iphone have you ever felt
curious and searched up anything Japanese or Korean related
on the app store?
I was doing this last week, and found a bunch of interesting
apps. I even saw that they had Kera appa! The Kera apps include only
pictures from the Kera magazine in which you can browse and zoom up
in for extra details.

I had very little money ($5) in my itunes account from like a 5 months ago,
so I only bought two out of the 5 or 6 kera apps I saw.
Each app is like $2 something, well in US dollars.

They have a lot more interesting stuff like I saw gal/gyaru apps and
I also saw an app for 2NE1 in which if you buy it they let put previews
up for all their latest songs, and they put up music videos, and pictures.
It's pretty cool, I wanted to buy it but I couldn't so I downloaded the demo

Thanks to miss Naka and miss Rabbito, now I'm in the mood for either some milk
or caramel or chocolate with almonds flavored Pocky! ;A;
I'm more in the mood for milk flavored than anything.

I might do something crazy like buy a wholesale pack of milk pocky
online or something. No, I won't do that.

What's your favorite Pocky flavors? Or do
you prefer some other Asian candy? If so which one?

My three favorite flavors are listed above. :'3
Though I do love chocolate and strawberry a lot too.


☆ NachiPoo said...

o: your's came in already?! Mine hasn't come in yet..I'm waiting imaptiently -.-'
The kera app looks so cute! I like the second pic best :)

Melody said...

The only phone holder I have is of Monokuro Boo ..and he doesn't even hold my phone xD cos my phone generally sits on my bed so I can hear it when I sleep. (It just vibrates / always on silent) =3=

And eee. The Kera app looks GOOD. I don't know why but I loveee just looking at photos of fashionable girls xDD !

POCKY POCKY POCKY ! My favourite is STRAWBERRYY!! And then there's this other strawberry version but it has granules around it ? :D Apart from that, I like the crushed almond chocolate ones yummmmmmm. But damn, I love a whole lot of Asian candiessss :3 !

Donkuri said...

Adorable plush *_____* kawaii!

Xiao moon said...

Cutee tofuplush !! :D

Omo, the Kera app !!! :D
Kera fashion everywhere, any time you want (unless you don't have internet, that is XD), even on the toilet! Mwehehe jk XD

Mmmnnn pocky! My favorite taste is.. I think almond! Because it reminds me of a Magnum almond, lol. they should put more in a pack though.. XD

Fionaa ♥ said...

cute plushies (:
I have 2 as well :D

I love all the pcky flavours in general :D

Naka said...

very cute plushie ^6 my aunites gave me a book they has a tutrial on how to make one but i havent got round to it XD

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I love chocobanana, green tea, milk and strawberry flavours!♥♥

Mei said...

Wants those cute phoneholder <333 and I would love to try the milk Pocky ^^
I love: chocolate, green tea, honey-milk, all strawberry flavors & almond crush :D

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