What's your ethnicity?

I remember not too long ago, Janice had asked me through
a comment what my ethnicity was. Immediately from her question I've been
wanting to make a post about it but, I kept wanting to post about other
things instead. xD BUT I still kept this post in mind.

I was born in Bronx, New York and lived there until I was 9 years old.
My parents then wanted to change things up since they've been living in
New York for like, more than 18 years, and in 2000 we moved from New York
to Florida.

Any-who, What's my ethnicity? I'm Hispanic. :D

I'm halves of two Spanish races. My mom is from Puerto Rico, which is actually
a US Territory but the primary language is Spanish, and not a whole lot of
people there know English. Well, at least my family over there no nothing
of English. lol

My dad is from Dominican Republic which is a country of it's own.
Both nations are right next to each other in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico is the red small island on the right. lol
Dominican Republic is the on the left of Puerto Rico.

Are both nations very different from each other?
If you ask me, they're not so ... different.
The only difference is in the accents and some cuisine but,
both nations have the same origins.
Spaniards, Africans, and the indigenous people of those areas who
were living there before the posse of obnoxious Spaniards arrived.

I put emphasis on this because these nations tend to hate on each other
and talk about how one is greater than the other, when in fact they're both
the same

Can you speak Spanish fluently?
Yes, yes I can. :D I speak it horribly around friends and strangers.
But within family my Spanish comes out great, though I do forget
how to say certain things. I can read and understand what I'm
reading. When it comes to writing ... I simply just suck.

Can people tell you're Hispanic straight of the bat?
I've had a only a very few people assume that I'm Hispanic.
This happens to majority of us because we look like we come
from all races. I've been asked if I was White and Black, that's
what I've gotten the most before and after I got my fringe.
After I got my fringe, I have been asked if I was Asian, and it
used to make me creepily smile on the inside.
When I was a weaboo of course. still am I think.

It's surprising how hairstyles can some what change your appearance.

With fringe:

Without fringe:

So fellow bloggers,
What's your ethnicity and race(s)?

Ladies! I'm curious about all of you (except for a few of you who I already know!)
I get quite excited about these things. lol

(Irrelevant note: My family set up and decorated our Christmas tree today!
:'D We're all hyped up about Christmas.)


Melody said...

Yes!! I like this post.
I actually wanted to ask you what your nationality was before because I wasn't sure. I thought you were Asian at first but then I was confused ! But that's so cooool that you know Spanish cos I always wanted to learn it :3 Now I can ask you to translate things if I ever need to hehehe.

And hehe, yes you should know what my ethnicity I am :3 Since it was on one of my recent posts hehehe <3

such.is-jaHnice said...

Oh wow I wouldnt have thought you were hispanic babe ;\ .. i honestly thought you were half asian at least. with your fringe or 2 the side, you defo look half asian to me >.< ! YAYAYA to being hispanic though ;] i loveeeee the spanish language so thats so cool that you can speak it ! my mother is half spanish and can speak it a little bit and it sounds so cool ! i love this post babe ;] has given me some inspiration on my next post ;] hehehe

my ethnicity is filipino/spanish/norweigan. crazy mix i know >.<


Donkuri said...

cute hair style!

Mooshi.Chui said...

:) mixes are always gorgeous like you hehehe!!!
and so awesome how you can speak spanish!!!!

I'm just 100% Hong Kong but born in Australia lol

xx mooshi

Ribka said...

I thought you have Asian blood too LOL
nice post! :D
I am Chinese but born in Indonesia :)

Joëlle said...

I thought you where asian x´D. My mom´s family is from Curacao.(South-Amerika) My dad´s family is from Belgium.(Europe) I was born in The netherlands.(Europe)

Anonymous said...

ooh cool! im part spanish too..i always thought you were spanish =3

Danielle @ Antiquated Treasures said...

I'm a whole stew of different ethnicities. Italian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Russian, and I think a few other things as well..anyway, I just stumbled upon your blog. It's so cute!! I'm following now :)

Berry Quiñones said...

i am also half puerto rican :D and almost of my puerto rican family live in new york! that would be crazy if they knew eachother :)
my mom is african american :)

and im glad my day ended happy too! i was so prepaired to be evil and anti-social because i didnt want to talk to anyone T-T ahh life can be so hard sometimes! and i know what you mean by the music thing...i cant listen to Seether anymore T-T

xiao yuan moon said...

I always thought you were asian/latina mixed XD!

anyway, i'm a mixed something but mostly chinese/indonesian ! XD

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I'm a mix actually. Both parts Asian though...I'm 3/4 Chinese and 1/4 Japanese. I've lived in the USA my whole life, so I'm just an American with an Asian face. :3

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