Thanksgiving | Other stuff.

Hii everyone! :D
I guess I've been quite busy for the past couple of days.
(As always ^^;)

On Thursday it was Thanksgiving and I had spent it
with my family and with my lovely Nachi.

I have to say that this year's Thanksgiving was the best one
I've ever had. Not even exaggerating on this. :D
After we ate our large plates of Turkey and other foods we all
started to play games. I haven't played these games since
elementary school. First we played Hot Potat, then Red Light Green Light,
and then Simone Says, and then finally Charades. xD
Nachi was certainly happy about how active and crazy my family can be
when we're all united. I was pretty much extremely happy on how Thanksgiving
turned out to be. After the games we watched some Ninja Warrior
episodes, and then we started to goof off a lot.

That's my dad with one of my wigs on.
The hair makes him look like Justin Bieber.

He's got bieber fever!

On Friday I stayed at home working on my
Myth project. It was Black Friday and I sort of wished I had
gone out to stores that day.
Click here to know what Black Friday is about.
(Note: I didn't know this was considered a holiday. lolol )

Ginormous tree at the mall.

On Saturday (today) me and miss Nachi went to go hangout
at Fashion Square Mall. We didn't realize that there was going
to be a heck of a lot of specials and sales going on. :D I mean I had
a feeling about today because of Black Friday (click above to
know what I mean). Nachi and I were able to get a few things today that
were really cheap. Both of us were really content with what was bought
though, the one item we were the most happiest with were the perfumes
from Victoria Secret.

(I finally got Pocky. D: Lord! This one's Milk Coffee and it's so
delicious. The Hello Panda's have Milk creme in them.)

Nachi bought the Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume and I
had bought the Noir perfume from them. The Noir one has such
a soft, sweet, and elegant fragrance to it. The Bombshell one is a bit fruity,
yet it has a strong scent to it so it gives off that ... hmm ... mature fragrance
that is appropriate for adults? xDD; I'm really bad at this.

The bottles for both perfumes are just gorgeous.
It's too dim in my room right now to take a good photo of the bottle. :\
We're very happy not only because the fragrances smell nice but they
were both originally $45 each yet we bought them for $15 each.
The sale today had all their perfumes priced at $25 instead of $45.
Also, I had a Victoria Secret We heart Birthdays card that took off
$10 from my purchase... The card had came in the mail last Wednesday.

I love discounts. *A*

Do you usually feel proud when you've bought something
really cheap when it was once expensive?


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Today I went to the mall too! *high five* I got two really nice sweaters for an amazing price. I also did some Christmas shopping. Heh heh heh.

I love that flavor of Pocky! I've been having a hard time finding it lately though! The comic book store, were I used to get it, stopped selling it...-3-

Donkuri said...

yummy japanese snack ^^

Berry Quiñones said...

i love your dads wig xD and yes i did just end my video with a beck song! i love that song so much T-T happy tears!! haha and i wish we had that flavor of pocky here!! i've always wanted to try that kind!

xiao yuan moon said...

Hahahahah bieber fever XD!
i hope its a wig though O.O

anyway, i get all happy when i buy something for cheap but it was once mad expensive XD
in fact, most of my clothes were expensive before, but i managed to buy them at sale XD
the only thing i don't buy in discount are my basic h&m dresses, but theyre cheap anyway so it doesnt matter XD

Mei said...

Haha Bieber hairstyle! I don't like Bieber tho....
Anyway happy belated Thanksgiving!!
Don't worry about your hair, it growsgroowws and before you know it's superlong :)

gingerSnaps said...

Hello Pooper,
Thank you very much for the sweet line you. Happy belated Thanksgiving! You really had a wonderful time. You look both happy in the photos. Missing home when I saw the big Christmas tree. mmmm and you're loving Japanese product.
Till then.. Take care!

kaizokumousy said...

I'm glad that you had so much fun :) I also like hello panda :3 but I like chocolate flavor :)

btw hun please check my blog I awarded you again^_^ I love reading your posts :)

Anonymous said...

i love this season cuz of the trees.. i absolutely love the smell and thats a pretty big tree i want to smell it haha

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Pocky = $2.29 (O.O|||) Woah that's so expensive!

Your dad looks awesome! Bwahahaha! XDXD And the X-mas tree is so huge and nicely decorated!♥♥♥♥

Anyway, yup! I do feel proud (super!) when I've bought something in a low price and it was once expensive! Yeaahhhhhh~~! o(^-^)o

Melody said...

Australia doesn't celebrate it so I have no idea when it actually is hehe. Your dad looks so funny with your wig on xD <3

YAY POCKY! I love strawberry the best.

AND OMG, I LOVE IT WHEN I GET EXPENSIVE THINGS CHEAP. It makes my entire day ! Or when I realise something is cheaper than it actually was !!!! :D <3

la mì said...

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Syrious said...

very cute one!!

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