28; Weekend

My recent weekend was decent. :3
Well, just because on Saturday I went to see Megamind but
for most of the weekend I spent brainstorming for my research paper.

This movie was the bomb diggity.
Nachi was so eager to watch this, and I'm really glad she invited me to watch it
with her and her boyfriend. This was a really good and funny movie. :D
If it's out in theaters in other countries, I highly recommend people to go watch it.
It truly is the type of movie where unexpected things happen.
It's a very refreshing movie.

Here is my outfit from Saturday:

And, here are my books I was attempting to read bits and pieces of:

Yup, all about Tchaikovsky. I had to do a paper on one of his orchestral pieces,
Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
. It's a 20 minute long piece, so I had spent
so much time listening to it over, and over. And over. I do enjoy the piece,
but analyzing it was a pain, especially when I lack music theory knowledge. D:

I actually received this card yesterday. From Tommy. *_*
It's not our anniversary, and I know sometimes he feels uncomfortable
calling me wife. It's just, we both really, really love cats.
He thought this card was really cute, and he said that the cats reminded him
of us and Henry.

Henry is our child. :'D
Tommy bought this plush during the beginning of our relationship.
I found it strange that a grown man would buy a cat plush for himself,
but he said he really liked is so much that he wanted to have it.
Before he left to Iraq he gave me Henry and asked me to take good care of him.
Nowadays, I can't really sleep without him.
(I might not give Henry back to Tommy in the future.)

How was the weekend for everyone? Decent, great, bleh?
Everyone looking forward to Thanksgiving? :D


Donkuri said...

lovely shirt!

xiao yuan moon said...

Cute outfit :D !
and I love your new layout XD

my weekend was ok, i guess.. thanksgiving? we don't have thanksgiving in europe XD

such.is-jaHnice said...

hi pretty ^.^
why oh why must australia be so behind in movies >.< .. i havent even heard about this movie but i really want to watch it. i love DREAMWORKS! makes such good films ;]
loving the leopard print top ;] especially the bow! so cuteeeeeeee !!
ohhhhh thats really sweet of tommy to get you that card! and you love cats? i am obsessed with cats hahaha .. i have 2 and want way more ;]
my weekend was so bleh! i mean it was good, but it could have been so much better .. but it was raining and really cold so it made it suck a bit more :(
thanks giving .. i dont think we have thanksgiving in australia ;\ .. but i hope you have an AWESOME thanksgiving !


Melody said...

Ohhh. The movie looks interestinggg! I think I saw the trailer once and I didn't understand WHAT THE HELL WAS GOING ON ..so maybe I should go watch it xD !! And love your outfit <3 It's simple yet still stylish ! <3

And awww cute cats >_<"
I'm slightly terrified of cats ;A;

Hope your Thanksgiving is good <3
And yeh, we don't celebrate it in Australia :(

Naka said...

awh you have such a cute child!
and cute card too ^^

i like your outfits!

Emma ^__^ said...

Oooh! I really want to see that moviee! xD And, your outfit is so lovely! :D

Emma <33 xx

☆ NachiPoo said...

I was so happy to see Megamind with you, I love you so much I waited to see it just with you! That's love right there honey ;D lol

Awww tommy sends you such cute things ;__;

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