29; Update

We're already ahead of the game. 1 week until December and our Christmas
tree is already up. :D My mom was almost not going to set up our
Christmas decorations but I had to convince to do it. ;A; She said everyone
at home is already too old for Christmas. (wut) She said she wasn't going
to gift us, which I don't mind, but nooo I still wanted decorations!
She couldn't take away my holiday spirit.

We put a lot of ornaments under the tree to make it seem like there's
gifts/toys under there. We've had these same tree/decorations ever since
I was in elementary school. Seeing this tree brings back memories.
Nice, pleasant, and peaceful memories. ^-^ except for last night
when I went out to go use the bathroom, and then I looked at the tree
and confused it with a scary man in my house. If you follow me on twitter,
you already know. DD:

Here was my outfit for yesterday, not much:

I'm officially on Thanksgiving break right now. (wooo)
we only get a week off from school/college. Well, yesterday (Monday)
we had to go to class so technically I have 6 days of break. lol
Btw, I keep forgetting that a lot of you don't celebrate Thanksgiving
because it's basically only a U.S. holiday. D: My bad everyone!
By just thinking about this now I'm curious about the types of holidays
that exist in other countries ...

Are there any Holidays that only your country celebrates?


xo.- R said...

Us lovely Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in early October. (:

Donkuri said...

I like your style ^_^

Pu3 said...

Wow that's the Christmas spirit o(^▽^)o☆彡 and I love you yellow-black checkered shirt ♥

Owh yes! There's many holidays only my country in Brunei celebrates, usually a traditional malay celebration, or anything related to the royalties, example our Sultan's Birthday ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

xo.- R said...

I thought we celebrated at the same time too, but I went to the states to shop a few weeks ago and everything was decorated for Thanksgiving. I was like "wow, take down your decorations already"

such.is-jaHnice said...

Oh I love Christmas, its my favourite holiday but unfortunately its not taken as serious in Australia :( .. Can you believe I've never put the Christmas tree up at my house? But its ok because Jayv's mum does at their house ;] I like the way your tree is designed - so classic ^.^

I especially love your shirt ^.^ yellow & black go so well together ;] and it looks really good on you ^^

Your haircut really makes me want to get my bangs done again .. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm >.<

WOW Tommy is half asian too? That's pretty cool ^^ I didnt even realize hehe ! But honestly I dont understand why mums want their daughters to date white boys/men, my cousin thinks its because "white" was considered dominant back in their times hahaha :P

Mmmmm lets see .. we celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday and get a day off work? ;\ .. does that count :P


Berry Quiñones said...

that last pic is too cute :D and im glad you love beck!!! i wanna see the movie too :) what are your other 2 favs? i wanna know the music one the most :D

FashionableAsians said...

I'm too lazy to pull my tiny xmas tree out of the closet and it's already pre-decorated lol Props to you girlie! xD

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jenny! o(^-^)o Well, we have a day off for Thanksgiving! (=.=|||) But never mind though, every day seems like holiday to me! Bwahahaha! Ah, my mom doesn't want to set up our X-mas decorations, which means no X-mas tree this year.. Ugh.. But she said I gonna get presents anyway. YAY! XDXD

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I absolutely love Christmas decorations. My favorite part is definitely puttin ght elights up on my house. I also love putting up wreaths and the whole deal! :D

xiao yuan moon said...

I like the outfit. Lol, I think even in a plastic bag you would look good ! XD

I adore christmas! I think it's one of the nicest periods of the year. It's cosy and decorating the house is funnn :D

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