30; Random.

I've had this shirt ever since my 11th grade year.
I've always loved the Robo Hello Kitty product line that was released
through hottopic. I own a Jacket from this line and I sort of wished they
could re-release again!

Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Things: Noir, the bottle is very pretty.
Though not as pretty as their Tease perfume bottle.

I really wanted to get both. :B
Tease also smells really nice but of course I had to decide on one.

Does this look familiar?
Nachi gave me this Marie bag as an early birthday present. ;__;
It's soooo darrrrn cuuute.
She bought one for herself and one for me. I'm so happy about it!
My birthday is next week, and I'll be turning 20 ... yikes.
I do have some excitement since I'm entering my 20s
but I think the age I'm really looking forward to is 21.
Then from there I would like to remain 21 for as long as ... forever. :D

What age are you looking forward to? or
which age do you fear the most?


Jennifer :) ~ said...

wow that is a really pretty perfume bottle! i'll probably say this next week if you blog on your birthday but still, happy birthday for next week :) i'd also want to remain 21 forever, i think that's an awesome age! i'm only 17, i've got a while to go :(

Berry QuiƱones said...

omg you're 19?!! i would have never known o.o; i thought you were my age (17) but then again people think i'm 12... us puerto ricans and our young-looking-ness xD its a good thing though, cuz when you're 21 you'll look 19 and when you're 30 you'll still look 19 :D then when you finally turn 65 you'll look 30 xDDD

Mei said...

My god so cuute so colorfull ^^ Love the perfume bottle aswell and I loveee Marie! She's such a dive :)

xiao yuan moon said...

the perfume bottle is so perfect!
it reminds me of those romantic french words XD

Saving Capulet said...

oh your outfit is just so darn cute!! and your benieee <3 gaah, stay pretty there love! and the perfume bottle is just so gorgeous and marie, too!

xo.- R said...

Such cute perfume. And shirt.
Ponyo is probably my favorite, I recommend you watch it ASAP. (:

FluffyMuffin Zilvy ♥ said...

Ooooh waooo!! I like your T-shit♥ Hello kitty is so cute ^ - ^)

gingerSnaps said...

I have fear to get old Pooper especially when wrinkle and bat wings start to be visible. Anyway I like the outfit. The perfume bottle is great. I like design. The combination of black, pink and lace is so feminine.

Donkuri said...

cute shirt!lovely Marie *_*

Emma ^__^ said...

I love your outfit! Hello Kitty <33 That perfume bottle is so prettyyy! ^_~

Emma <33 xx

☆ NachiPoo said...

I haven't seen you wear that shirt in forever!
I miss the colorfulness~

Gah, the perfumes. I wanna go back and get the rest! They smell so divine. Actually we have those gift cards we need to go use them!

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