31; Harry Potter | Macbeth.

Well, look at that.
A gangster-ish, tomboy type of person.
Yesterday was just one of those days. -_-
Everyone kept asking me who the person was on my shirt
and then the same 'people' would ask if I had seen
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1.

I said, "No, I haven't."
and then they would look at me as if I had missed out on something
amazing. In which I did, but the movies don't have the same effect
on me anymore. I think I should really read the books to get
all that hype back. I've never read a HP book before except maybe
for the beginning of the Sorcerer's Stone. :| the HP movies from 5
and up are a bit confusing for me.
By the way the man on my shirt is Sirus Black, from Harry Potter. :P
(orr Gary Oldman, the actor who plays Sirus ... I think Gary is handsome. )

I haven't really coordinated anything nice lately.
I haven't been in the mood as final projects and
such take up most of my 'creative' thoughts.
I worked all last weekend on a Joan of Arc video
presentation, and then on this Friday/Saturday I have
a project to do with a classmate. Me, my classmate,
and my bff Maixa, are going to dress as Gothic as possible
so that we can reenact a scene from Shakespeare's Macbeth.
We need to record it and then present the video to our class
and then explain the scene. This is for the Renaissance/
Baroque class that I'm taking. The project should be fun though,
I'm nervous ... I'm not much of an actor. D':

See that big old poster board thing?
I'm going to be using this to write out our lines, which isn't much. :3
And then I'll wave it to who ever is being recorded.
If the video isn't too embarrassing then I'll probably post it on here.
We'll see!

Do any of you have any experience with acting?
Are you or were you excited about the latest Harry Potter movie?


Mei said...

I've read the 3rd HP book and that was my favorite of all HP series~
Zero experience of acting and I waant to see the latest HP movie!
(The hairserum said that it will repair the hair from root to tip, inside out. But it failed D:)

Berry Quiñones said...

i act ^_^ theater since i was little! i've never been into harry potter...i'm not allowed to watch it >_> my mom thinks its evil xD i was like wow! she's like a super christian haha

kaizokumousy said...

I love your pants!:D and oh you still look pretty girly with bows ^_^ really cute

Donkuri said...

cute hair ^^

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

My acting experience is very small. -A-
-2 quick class presentations
-1 school project about The Beatles for History Day
-1 film, where my job was to get shot millions of times XD

Anonymous said...

haha cute gangster i must say

Berry Quiñones said...

i hate when people do that to me too!! and i hate when they pick me up to reach things =.= especially ppl younger then me...they're like AW UR SO CUTE then pick me up....
in 9th grade there was actually 5 boys who tossed me back and forth in a circle and called it "hot potato" !!! it was kinda fun though xD

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

I'm not a fan of HP but I love acting as a antagonist character like the evil stepmother, the series killer and I even once acted as the hostage lol! (>m<)♥

Melody said...

I've read all the Harry Potter books a million times since I was young so I understand all the movies and LOVE THEM TO EXTREME. ^-^"

And yes, I recognized Sirius Black STRAIGHT away on your shirt hehehe <3 I love him :)

And ahh, I'm not good at acting, I get rather nervous *-* unless it's in front of people I know.

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