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Mood: Neutral
Watching: Shake It Up
(You can tell I haven't left my teeny bopper stage. :p)
Eating: Pepporini Pizza with a side of Doritos.
Drinking: Water.

I have a major headache right now from all the cramming ...
Learning is fun but cramming isn't.
Most of my day went by fast as I was loading a ton of eye
makeup tutorials off of youtube and watching them all.
I've been researching a lot on makeup as of recently,
especially on eye makeup.

Speaking of eye makeup, one of my birthday gifts includes
Dolly Wink falsies and a mini haul from elf. :D

I bought myself birthday gifts which includes a mini haul
from elf cosmetics and the Tron Legacy soundtrack.
(I bought the cosmetics off their website last week
and I'm waiting for the items to be shipped to my house)

I've been obsessed with this soundtrack. Tron Legacy
comes out in 6 days in the US and I'm just really eager to
go watch the movie. I'm extremely excited. (-____-)v

This was my mom's gift. Banana Nut and Chocolate Chip muffins
with a birthday card that had money in it.
I love when she includes food in my gifts. :DD
The birthday card translates to:
God blesses you on your birthday and forever.

Left: Dolly Wink No. 1: Dolly Sweet (upper lashes)
Right: Dolly Wink No. 7: Vivid Pop (bottom lashes)

These were a gift from my boyfriend, Tommy. :'3
Last week he had asked me what I wanted for my birthday.
I usually don't like telling people what to get me, but ...
He really didn't know what I would like.
So I told him about these and how eventually I was going to buy them.
He ended up getting me these specific ones I wanted.
He bought them online and had them shipped to my house.
(By the way, He's still in Iraq)

I've read and watched a large amount of Dolly Wink
reviews to see which ones I liked the best.
The No.1's look amazing, I fell in love when I saw how they're
dramatic on the outer corner and they became less dramatic as they
get near the inner corner. What I also liked about these is the
fact that the eyelash band is transparent which is good if you want
to avoid wearing a lot of eyeliner.

As for the No.7's, I use to see these type of bottom lashes
in a bunch of Gal magazines and from then on I wanted a pair
like these. I am aware that you can buy individual lashes and
create something similar to the No. 1's and No.7's it's just
I would rather take the easy route by just getting them as a whole. xD;

The Hello Kitty stuff above is all from one of my lovely bff's, Maixa.
I was really happy when she gave me all of these. She knows how much
I ADORE pencils/pens/notepads/etc etc.

What's been your latest obsession?
Makeup and Tron have been occupying most of my thoughts as of late. :D


kaizokumousy said...

Happy birthday!^_^ so cute hello kitty presents!^o^

your bf is so sweet to send you something you like~:)

♥mynameisnur♥ said...

Happy Birthday! hope you had a great one :*
Love the HK presents and the lashes.

Donkuri said...

so yoummy muffin!kawaii hello kitty stuff!

☪ | Berry QuiƱones said...

my latest obsession has been K-pop xD specifically U-KISS and i've been listening to alot of Hip Hop lately which is unlike me 0_o i guess its cuz i'm gonna be taking dance again soon and going into HipHop, idk haha
my mom actually just made banananut muffins the other day O_o thats crazy haha i cant wait to see those lashes on you ^_^

Melody said...

I totally need to get them sometime soon but eh, I guess I need to save some money first hehe. And, TAKE SOME PICTURESS of you wearing them kayyy? Can't wait to see how hot you're gonna look with them on ;)

Obsession? TOO MANY.
Hahaha. Well, I don't know. Probably atm, I'm obsessed with ..buying new things hehe.

HitomiNeko said...

happy bday ^^ I don't like telling ppl what i want either. but boys.. they just dunno!! ha..

following! plz check out mine blog 2 ^^

@ Read the story here. Please Help, Thank you.

@ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Your boyfriend is too sweet! I can't believe he got those for you while he's in Iraq! That's too amazing! ^^
Hope he comes back safe and sound!

alysiahh said...

OoOoo happy birthday! i really like your blog!!!! i hope you visit mine too ^^


Elisaaa (^-^)v said...

happy belated bday!!! =D

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