35; The Boyfriend has returned.

Mood: Extremely Happy.

My boyfriend (Tommy) returned from Iraq/Kuwait three days ago. *__*
For the past 2 days we've been traveling out and about to malls and
stores since Tommy needed to buy some new clothes and complete other errands.
It sort of felt like he had never left and I can still clearly remember the day
before he left as if it was yesterday. It was as if all those
painful times of feeling alone and worrying about him had never happened.
I really did miss him like crazy and I told him to never re-enlist in the
army. -____- He said he wasn't going to since he felt extremely fed up with
all the "crap" going on over there.

On Wednesday when he came to my house I immediately gave him his Christmas

Tommy's has a huge obsession with tokidoki. Once he gets his room
all organized I'll take pictures of all his tokidoki stuff. He has posters,
shoes, shirts, hats, figurines, pins ... and it keeps going.

A letter I wrote to him. :'3

On Thursday I wasn't able to take a lot of pictures
since it was a really busy day.

I wanted to own something of this Hello Kitty ever since I saw
Leena's purse with this hello kitty. D: I wish they made more stuff of
this type of hello kitty!

Okonomiyaki with Chicken.

Sushi with tuna and sushi with cooked eel.

On our way to Florida Mall! We were mainly going because he wanted
to buy an iPhone 4 from the Apple store.

Ussss. :D

Giant ipad over at the Apple store.
Another thing about Tommy is that he's an Apple addict. -_-

He was extremely tired from all the walking and driving.
The streets were hectic yesterday as so many people were out
in stores buying last minute gifts. Christmas for us is tomorrow. :3

I'm so ecstatic that Tommy's back home. :'D
He won't be able to see me today since he has things to do at his house ...
but ugh I feel so eager to see him today and the next day, and the day after
that ... I secretly hope he'll come by to visit.

Could you imagine being away from your
boyfriend/girlfriend for a whole year?
What would you do while he/she's away?

By the way, Merry Christmas to those of you are a day ahead of me! <33
Hope you have enjoy this day to the fullest! ^__^


Donkuri said...

cute outfit and hair,lovely ring ^^

Jennifer :) ~ said...

nice outfit :)
aw that's so great that you now get to be with your boyfriend again, after all that time away!
i can't imagine being away from my boyfriend for a whole year :( it must have been really difficult for you! if my boyfriend was away, i would be a lot more independent and find a hobby to keep myself occupied and not miss him too much ><
merry christmas dear <3

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

I can not imagine being away from my boyfriend for a month! ... not to mention a year! I'm so glad you guys are able to see each other now...Love the dramatic eye makeup and the falsies! Merry XMAS!

Melody said...

AHH. You're sound extremely ecstatic to see him!!! <3 and I'm so happy that you're happy hehehe. I had a long distance relationship before my current, because he had to move for studies. And it only lasted like 2-3 months after he left :\ because it was HORRIBLE. The lack of communication made us both go crazy and we ended up breaking up :( ! But I'm so happy that yours is working out <3 You must really be for eachother then ^^" <33333 extreme loveeeeee.


Rin~ちゃん ♥ 김혜린 said...

Nice, I'm not a long distance relationship taker, I can't stand for it.though, it seems to be really2 hard cuz I'm so clinged to my current bf ^_^

☆ K i n g said...

I'm so glad he's there! :D
I always worry about you when he's gone, I know it must be really hard on you. D:
Like, I'm away from Tre' less than a month and I hate it.
His gifts looks awesome, and so did you!
Omg girl, I LOVE that makeup on you. ( * V *)♥

Mei said...

Awww i'm glad he came home safely! ^^
You look very cute aswell! Love the HelloKitty ring ^^
You have a great holiday with your bf!!

kaizokumousy said...

wow i love toki doki too!*_*
well uhmm I know what you feel :< me have a long distance relationship because mine had to study back in the US.and me stay here in asia, weve been away for 1 year now.x,x just talking on the phone or net all the time.

anyway,cool bf you got!:D
keep him!:D

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