Today's the day!

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Followers, today's my birthday! :D
For those of you who live in different time zones my birthday
was on December 10th. I turn 20 today (or yesterday for
some of you lol) and ... not much to say about that.

I'm just feeling pretty excited because I get to go to a carnival
with my two of my bff's and their men. We're heading out to the carnival
in like 30 minutes or less so I have to wrap up this post!

Thanks for always reading everyone! :3
I'll let you all know how it went.

Here's how I look right now:

Note: These shoes use to belong to my older brother.
He has tiny feet, he's a size 7 in shoes and so am I.
Except female sizes are generally smaller so that's why these
shoes look big.


Mei said...

Haaaappy birthday! You look so cute today ^^ loove the Marie bag <3 have fun at the carnival :D

☪ | Berry Quiñones said...

happy birthday! and looking adorable as usual :)

Emma ^__^ said...

Happy BIRTHDAY! xD *Sings Birthday Song* I love your outfit! You look adorable! :D

Replying Back To Your Comment~~
Lol, the playboy pillow, I'm starting to get worried! xD Jookes (^____^)

Emma <33 xx

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Happy birthday to you♪♪
Happy birthday to you♪♪
Happy birthday, dear Jenny♪♪
Happy birthday to you!♪♪

Melody said...

I've already said Happy Birthday twice but
You look cute as in your outfit <3 ESP YOUR BAG. YOUR BAG IS SO CUTE GIRLLLLLLLLLL ;) x

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