Tron Legacy and Tokidoki on a Tuesday.

Mood: Lovey dovey (lol)
Watching: Spongebob Squarepants
(I believe I have a strong love for Mr. Squarepants. :'3)
Eating: Chocolate with almonds
Drinking: Water

So right now I'm staring at a photo strip of me and Tommy ...
and basically I just miss him like crazy. lol
Even though I got to hang out with him yesterday I want to see him again today.

His car broke down a couple of days ago so he's basically waiting for some
car parts to come in so that him and his step dad can fix the car
together. Tommy's not a mechanic but he knows enough about cars to help
him fix the problem that he's facing with. Before yesterday there were two
days in which we didn't see each other. Boy, was I extremely dramatic
during those days ... -__-;

Yesterday he was able to get dropped off at my house. We had made
plans with his friends to go see Tron Legacy at around the night time.
Tommy had brought with him, to my surprise, a late Christmas gift.

Amo il mio gatto = Italian for: I love my cat.

Whoa, so basically we gave each other Tokidoki stuff for Christmas. xD
(My gifts to him seen here: Click meee)
I never knew about Tokidoki until I first met him! (2 years ago)
I really love what he got me, I immediately wore the hat when we
went to go see Tron. :D

I WAS DYING TO SEE THIS MOVIE. I finally got see it and I ended up wanting
to go home and re-listen to my Tron Legacy OST for the millionth time.
I highly recommend this movie to anyone who is everyone.
Though, I also recommend watching the 1982 Tron movie in order to understand
certain things about the sequel. I would talk more about it but I'm afraid
I'll end up spoiling the whole movie. xD; Overall I loved it and wanted more.
I really want to own a suit like what they wear in the movie ... D':
Daft Punk did an amazing job with the music score for the whole movie.
Even though I already knew the music before the movie, it was really exciting
hearing it all match with certain scenes.

Our photo strip. :)
(I tried to cover up the one where we kissed, hehe)
It was a really fun night, especially when hanging out with Tommy's friends.
They're pretty hilarious, and nerdy and nerdy conversations are the kind
where I feel comfortable in. lol

So, since the year is almost about to end ...
What movie released in 2010 did you find the best?

I'm going to have to vote for ... Toy Story 3 and Tron Legacy. :D


Donkuri said...

kawaii shopping!

Melody said...

Nawww you two are seriously so cute. CENSOR THE KISS ;A; ! Hahahaha. But hhehe, you look cute as in that hat! Now you two are like matching hat kind of thing :D ? <3 <3 <3

I haven't seen Tron yet ;A; VU SAW IT WITH HIS FRIENDS :< ! But that's cos I wasn't allowed out :( /cry but oh well! <3

Hmm, this year ..would def be HP >:] just because I'm such a hp fan hahahahaha !

☆ NachiPoo said...

ah! I so so love the hat he got you! :) Its too cute. The shirts are also very nice, I especially love the first one just because of the type of shirt it is.

I'm so glad you got to see Tron finally, it really was a great movie~

D': omg sooo many movies came out this year! I agree with Toy story 3 and Tron but I also think Tangled,Sorcerer's apprentice, Harry potter 7, and RED where very good.

Jennifer :) ~ said...

Aw cute photos of you two! And the things he got for you are nice :) My favourite movie of 2010 would be Toy Story 3! I was kinda waiting for this to come out because I remembered how much I loved Toy Story 1 and 2 back in my childhood days x) The third one made me teary ;_;

Mei said...

Don't worry you'll see your bf soon :)
And in the meanwhile, you can send heaps of text/phone/msn/mail/tweet/ping as many as you want :'D

Cute top & shirt and supersuper cute Tokidoki hat!! And the photostrip of you 2 is super sweet x

a.tad-bit.dorkii said...

Eeeep you guys are so cuteee together. I am so glad that his back babe & that you two can spend loads of time together. What a sweetheart to get you those goodies ;] .. the Tokidoki hat looks adorable on you ^,^
I really want to watch Tron but Jayv has been so busy with work on the weekends >.< - maybe tonight because he has tomorrow off hehe !
I just wanted to say thank you for being a lovely friend these past couple months ! So happy to know you lovely ! *bear hugs*

Jessica said...

The photostrip is so cute.. :)
And so are the clothes you got.. *jealous* nyahaha
Anyway I cant really choose which 2010 movie I liked the most >_< but i really like Narnia & Toy Story 3 *Id like to include HP7 but naww I havent seen that one ~ mom says lets just buy the dvd when the next part would come out so no cliff hangers TT

kaizokumousy said...

I think i missed out this post X_X

anyway~:) omigosh!!!I love all toki doki stuffs :3 soo cute!!!^_^ and the hat looks really cool on you :)

looks like you had fun the photostrip looks cute and I wish we have something like that here~I mean the booth :#

Hello Naka said...

awh i would love to have a photostrip photobooth but i havent one yet T^T u look really cute in the photos and such cute gifts :p

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

I liked Tron as well. I saw it before I came to Sydney. Those purikura of you two are so cute, but I absolutely love the scared cat t-shirt.

BTW, thanks very much for commenting on Melody's contest results post that you liked my photo. It was nice of you to say. I'm glad someone enjoyed it. I was trying to be funny, but was worried people would think that I was just weird, lol. :-)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love your toki doki hat! Donutella is one of my favorite tokidoki chracters because of her pink hair! :3

Anonymous said...

I like the top and tee!

You should just try it! Practice makes perfect!

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