Camwhoring from the past.

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Have you ever felt embarrassed for being a camwhore?
Well, you shouldn't.
You should always love yourself and if taking pictures
of yourself makes you happy and helps pass the boredom, then do it.

I can definitely relate to this!
This little excerpt is from Melody's Love Yourself Camwhore Competition.
I thought it was a really neat and fun idea. It's true, it shouldn't
feel wrong to be a camera whore. Though ... what give camera whores
a bad name are the few camera whores out there that say things to
people like "I think I look fugly" in all their pictures when really
they look fine. -__-;
Its definitely alright to ask your close friends whether you look good but,
imo its best to avoid putting anyone else in that kind of position.

Anyways I guess I'll be participating with old pictures?
(Don't know if they all qualify ... ^^;
If not, its fine this is just all for fun. :3)
I've had the same hairstyle for the past 3 years, and
I really don't remember when all these photos were taken
so none of them will be in a particular order.
For some reason lately I haven't been in camera whoring mood.
Not like how I use to be. D':
(Have you ever noticed how your mood can reflect itself in a picture
or on a mirror? I've tried taking more creative pictures but they just
don't reflect any enthusiasm.)


In some of them I'm wearing hair extensons, a wig ... Some of them were
taken through a cell phone, digital camera, webcam.
(And all of them were edited.)

Do you become a camera whore whenever ever
you get new clothing accessories, etc?
Or do you cam whore when you've got nothing else to do?


Anonymous said...

i love all your pics, except that with blood shoot(made me afraid). i love photography really.

Donkuri said...

wow beatiful photos!You are very pretty!Cute outfits!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I never cam whore because I always think to myself, "Now what do I do with these pictures?" XD I think you look super cute in all the photos.

I hate it when people say things like, "I look so fat in this picture" because they're just fishing for compliments...

Miss R. said...

Lovely pictures. I like the last one. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.

☪ | Berry QuiƱones said...

every time i read your blog or see your pictures, the more i just wish i was you.. you're so beautiful..

Melody said...

Thank you for entering babee <3 absolutely love youuuu~! <3 tehehe.

/btw I just realised it's too late for the Christmas card so I'm going to send a letter instead ;A; lol.

a.tad-bit.dorkii said...

OMGOMGOMG *squeels like a fangirl* you are so gorgeous babe ;] i love love love your photos!
i wish i had that hoodie in your first picture, moogles are super cute haha ^.^
i use to cam whore a lot but i slowly stopped because i hardly have the time these days .. but looking at your photos makes me want to get back into it haha !


Tam said...

Must be the most entertaining cam whore photos. I love all of the poses! Please make part two I need my fixture :)

Fave photo is the 6th one<3 I love taking pic like that and edit them on photoshop because it really does look like you have a twin hehe.

Finder said...

amazing post..and u r so cute

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Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Wow! All great pics. I especially loved the outfit where you had the pink cape and bow in your hair. So cute! :-)

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