27; Update.

Hey everyone! Sorry that it always takes long for me to post. ^^;
My weekend was very entertaining and I sort of wish it didn't have
to end. I was able to spend it with some wonderful people. <33

During my last class yesterday I felt some serious anxiety as I kept
glance at the time. Yesterday felt like it needed to end quickly.
Today feels like it needs to end quickly.
The rest of November feels like it needs to end quickly.
December is all what I'm looking forward to.

- Finals/ end of semester
- More free time!
- Tommy returns
- Birthday/Christmas
- Christmas movies are aired on TV
- Christmas songs are aired on the radio
- Christmas Tree
- Santa Claus
- Disney, while heavily decorated in Christmas decorations.
- Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

I won't even begin about how much Christmas means to me. No, not the gifts,
and not the parties. The whole essence of Christmas to me is that magical
feeling you get when you look up at a Christmas tree and you begin to remember
all these warm, comforting memories from when you were a kid. I could go on and
on about the pure joy of Christmas, but maybe I'll just make a separate post
about that somewhere in December.

Last weekend on Friday night I spent the night with Nachi (http://ladycandii.blogspot.com/)
over at her house. We watched a lot of Big Bang videos, laughed,
talked for hours and then we ended up falling asleep at a really late time.

When we woke up on Saturday. My eyes are looking at the mirror
before us.

On Saturday we watched two movies I had been wanting to see but never had the
opportunity to watch. They were both Enchanted and Corpse Bride.

After the movies we got ready for my friend's late-birthday party, and when
we arrived there wasn't much people until more started to arrive.

Nachi and Meeeee. We look so pale.

The Birthday girl, Alexis. She looks so cute!

A girl named Stephanie, who I met later on at the party, made this cake.
She did such an amazing job!

My lovely posse. BT, Nachi, and Huart. BT was making a really weird face.

As more people started to arrive they had brought drinks with them too.
Me and Nachi had tried out some of the drinks, and
from what I remember Nachi really loved Smirnoff.
We danced and interacted with people and then left an hour later.
The party was good but according to one of my friends, it didn't end
so well after we had left.

I was happy that I was able to see some of my close friends
and meet new one. Though, I was secretly really happy because
I got to be with Nachi. >///< She makes so happy.

Is there anything in the future that you're really
looking forward to?


Naka said...

I love what Alexis is wearing and cute photos ^^ I love making lists of whats happening in the next week or month it makes me organised and really excited :p

and i sell my things via my facebook atm, IO need to set up my blog shop soon though, but I want my friends to trail and run them first to see if they get easy dirty by usual wear and tear or if they start to unravel D:

thank you for having interest ^^ I'll be sure to contact u when i start sellinbg properly :3

Donkuri said...

cute girls ^_^ You are pretty!

xiao yuan moon said...

wah ~ i just cant get over the fact how cute you are, d'awwww >w< !

the cake looks amazing ! it's like alice and the pirates and cirque du freak clashed and this came out ! :o

i'm looking forward to january, i'll get my salary and new year money so i can finally buy myself a leopard fur jacket >w< ! :D

☆ K i n g said...

God I miss you two a lot!
I'm glad your weekend was good girl!
But I'm looking forward to seeing the ones I love most. ( ; u ;)
Tre', and hopefully the Orlando gang.

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

I KNOW RIGHT! CHRISTMAS! *Jingle Bells Starts Playing* Your so lucky to have of spend time with Nachi! You loook like you had so much fun! (^o^) You both look so pretty! That cake is amazing!

Emma <33 xx

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