Wig: Fan plus friend (worst mistake ever)
Headband: Dollar store
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Bodyline
Petticoat: DollsroPs
Socks: Hottopc (gifted by Nachi <333)
Shoes: Tea Party Replicas - Nana Lolita (taobao)
Jewelery: Fan Plus Friend, Forever 21, handmade

I should really list off where I get things ...
Though I forget every time. lol

The reason why I mention the wig being a huge mistake was
because I spent $40 on it when you can get the same type
of synthetic hair-wig for $20 on ebay. (My whole life is ebay.)
I was pretty mad at myself, but ... you learn through trial
and error.

Recently I've been working on a lot of Math homework just
because math is not my strongest subject. I take my sweet time
working on it as when I rush through it I won't end up remembering
formulas, steps, etc. :c Math is enjoyable, only when you know how to
work out a certain problem. Other than that when I'm stumped, I end up

Nachi invited me to spend the night at her house tomorrow
and also hang out on Saturday. I miss her so damn much. <333
I sort of, I guess secretly nag her to blog ... just so I can know what's going
on with her life. ;-; She's occupied by work, and I'm occupied by college ...
and we both haven't had that special bonding time in like, a real long time.
When we hang out, others are involved. And thus I feel bad if I were
to give her all my attention rather then giving everyone else attention too.

Have someone special that you haven't seen in ages?

I have a lot of people I haven't seen in ages ... ;A;


FashionableAsians said...

Really cute dress! Kind of like Japan's Gothic Lolitas.. i haven't seen my best friend in over 2 yrs, she moved to Japan for work :*( Gotta go visit her sometime soon!

☆ NachiPoo said...

You look so cute <3 I can't wait for tommy to come around so you can use your lolita more often. That shade of brown hair doesn't look at all bad on you ya know o:

I can't wait till tomorrow! I have a few movies for us to watch already, ofc they be Disney foo!

<3 I miss you lots my princess

Donkuri said...

wow!You are pretty in lolita style!

☆(´∀`)李兔子RabbitoBonbon☆ said...

Omg you look so cute in your lolita + geek style! (^o^)♥

The♥Ordinary♥Gal said...

Ahhh! I look so goregous! <3 Girl! I live on Ebay too! Bwhaha! (^o^) And, I am I missing any one? No, not really :)

Emma <33

Pu3 said...

THAT'S SUPER CUTE! ╰( ≥ ∀ ≤ )╯~♥ I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THE OUTFIT!!!! I wonder how much you spent on everything

Melody said...

I love your outfit!! <3
And, hmm. The cheap $20 wigs don't always look really good / natural so sometimes paying extra for it to look actually good is a bonus >_<"! The white wig that Vu bought for his cosplay was only around $10 but it looked so bad / was really really synthetic / hard to cut etc. But my other friend who has a MILLION wigs xD buys good quality ones (approx 40-50) and thus it actually feels and looks real despite the colour being like ..light green xD

I miss Vu!!!!!!!!!!!
I saw him for awhile today but not for that long because I still have my exams and he doesn't :( so I still gotta study T_T gahhh.

ehehe I love the dresssss.

kaizokumousy said...

whoah u look sooooooooo cute on this picture^_^ this is my fave now!:D Your dress looks really cute on you!:D and the dolly shoes too :)

xiao yuan moon said...

wah ~ you look super cute >w<!

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