Di-so-nee, part deux.

Continuing from: DI-SO-NEE (Disney).

Hiii! I'm continuing from my last Disney post since
I wasn't able to post about my top 3 favorite
Disney characters.

Ohhh, before I start I would love to mention how
EXTREMELY happy I am about the weather outside.
Has everyone been experiencing cool weather in
their areas as of mid September?
Here in Orlando we've been experiencing cool weather
starting from last week.
Before that it was really hot out and humid. lol
It's been breezy out, and cool ... my kind of
weather. <3 I can't wait for winter!

Top 3 favorite Disney Characters

1) Goofy.

I can't express enough how much I love the whole essence
of acting ... 'goofy'. One of the most important traits
that I need in a boyfriend is for them to be as
much of a goofball as possible (and I'm glad mines meets
that criteria! :D). Goofy rarely appears as anything else but
happy. He's sincere, nice by nature ... and thoughtful. :'3
He's also not quickly ill-tempered ... like Mickey and Donald.
(Sorry Nachi! D: )

My Darth Goofy:

2) Marie.
(from the Aristocats.)

Even if she acts like a Diva, and she appears
as overly-confident she is just the cutest
thing ever! I guess I mostly love her
for being a kitten, with a pink bow in on her head.

My Marie plush with the ball-shaped body:

3) Minnie.

I mainly blame two people for this. Nachi and Leena.
Minnie comes off as sweet, collected ... and when Mickey
messes up big time she makes damn sure that Mickey
doesn't get away with it easily. She also makes a great
role model, and her voice is just the cutest, softest,
prettiest voice ever. Again, I'm blaming Nachi and Leena
for this as they have exposed Minnie to me way too many times
in the past.

My Minnie shirt gift from Nachi:

Nachi had bought this shirt, and another one
of Mickey that came with it, off of ebay.
She had originally wanted to buy the pair
of shirts to wear it with her boyfriend ...
but they only had the colors in pink, and he's
not very fond of pink. D': So she asked me if I
would wear it with her as she wears the Mickey
shirt, and of course I said yes. ^-^

I can't find a stock photo of the shirts right now ...
The stock photo shows a girl wearing the Minnie
shirt above, and her boyfriend is wearing the Mickey
shirt and the Mickey is doing the same kissing stance
as Minnie.

Once me and Nachi wear our shirts in the same time,
I'll make sure to get some pictures of us taken. :DD

What is your favorite
Disney character(s)?


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The Wonderland one is so cute! If I ever get it, we can be twinsies! >w<

The one you're eye-ing is super cute! I think it looks great in all the colors, but the blue one is my favorite! (I'm biased towards blue though!) ^-^

Donkuri said...

lovely marie *_* and I like t-shirt,so kawaii!

☆ NachiPoo said...

Ya know the fact that you're posting so much about Disney makes me happy :'3 I had no idea minnie was one of your favorites!

I feel like posting about my fav characters too!
You already know my favorite~ even if he is ill tempered ;P

Naka said...

very cute t shirt and i love marie shes so cute ^^

Momo said...

You have a beautiful blog. Will follow you!
My favourite characters are: Tinkerbell, Winnie the Pooh, Donald Duck... and some more! (^^)''
xoxo Momo (^3^)

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