I should be working on _______, but instead
I keep thinking about this:

My parents bought this yesterday.
My ticket to Halloween Horror Nights.

What's that?

Here's Wiki's awesome summary of it:
Halloween Horror Nights is an annual Halloween event that
occurs at Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios
Hollywood. Universal Studios remains operational during
the day and transitions to Halloween Horror Nights at
night. The event features haunted houses, "scare zones"
and live entertainment, many of which utilize Universal's
characters and other licenses.

What they mean by "scare zones" is that there will be areas
in which "creatures" or monsters are roaming a certain area(s).
Once you enter that area, those monsters will either:

◊ Chase you if you run from them.
◊ Scare you by surprise, they're really sneaky.
◊ Try to bother you even more if they see you're latched onto your boyfriend.

The monsters are played by people who had to audition for their
part. So, that means they're reallllyyy in character. DD:

I've been to Halloween Horror Nights, or HHN, twice before back
in my early years of high school. I have been chased by some creepy
ghost lady, and she wouldn't stop chasing me until I hid in a gift shop.
They're not allowed in there, so that's that safest place to hide if you
happen to be in a "scare zone".

The experience at HHN can either be fun, scary, or both.
The haunted houses are very detailed on the inside, and
what ever the theme of the house is, they really REALLY
execute the theme well. I remember how it felt like I
was in a middle of a horror movie every time
I entered a haunted house (of course I wasn't alone).
The scenery in the houses are very detailed, very real, even
the smells that correspond to the theme are present.
(I remember a haunted house where it had an uncleaned,
abandoned bathroom. Everything smelled like shit
poop in there. It was really gross.)

Overall, being there is just amazing. :'3
Even if you're a scaredy cat (like meee)
going to HHN is a very fun, and thrilling experience.

We'll be going there tomorrow!
The usual are going: Nachi, Evelin and their boyfriends ...
I have no one to latch onto. lmao

I really can't wait. x]

Has anyone ever been to a Haunted House?
Do you like them?

Website to HHN, click here if you daaaaare.


☆ NachiPoo said...

Lmao, I wanted to read your post before calling you back. Psh, what the heck are you talking about? You'll be my hunny for the day <3
We have to respect our shirts :DD

;______; I feel scared...

P o o p e r said...

Hahaha! Our shirts! I'm planning on bringing a jacket, I'm so glad it's going to be all nice and cool at night. <333 Ohhh :DD We'll latch onto each other and hold hands and skip away once a guy with a chainsaw runs after us! ;__;

Ribka said...

Yes I've ever been there. It was so fun! XD

Naka said...

oh it sounds like fun ^^ a random person chasing u does sound scary XD i wanna visit a haunted house ^^

kaizokumousy said...

wow this sound fun and scary too!
yes i've been in horror house before we have an amusement park called Enchanted Kingdom, but the one you've been to sound much greater.I really wish you could take me there :3 hahaha

P o o p e r said...

I wish all of you could go! :D Haha, we'll all clutch onto each other out of fear. x] It's a lot of fun, if you guys ever happen to be in Cali or Florida around Halloween in the future, HHN is a must visit! (a long with Disney xD)

Melody said...

I've been one once and I got so scared :( I even got scared on the ghost train at a theme park !! T_T""

But it does sound like fun for non-scared people like me xD

Tam said...

Thats an awesome gift from your parents! I like scary movie because it gets my adrenaline going, i envy you and is looking forward to your post about HHN which im sure u will :D
I have never been ghost hunting or haunted house but would love to

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