Where has he been all my life.

where I have been that I never noticed him before?

Shinichi Osawa --> DJ.

He's the one on the right.

I'm really big on House/Dance/Electro Pop genres, and any others alike.
I was listening to the House Disney album an hour ago, and the
Main Street Electrical Parade song by Shinichi Osawa has always been
on one of my favorites from the album. I loved it so much that I decided to go
look up some more songs/videos from Shinichi, and did not at all regret it. <33

Our Song (A Lonely Girl Ver.) - Shinichi Osawa
For some reason I couldn't stop watcthing this video ...
It makes me happy yet its sad because of how upset the girl
gets when she is reminded that she is alone.
I like how she tries to forget her feelings by dancing. <33

More songs from Shinichi:
(Check these out if interested.^^)


Rendezvous - Shinichi Osawa

Love Will Guide You - Shinichi Osawa feat. Tommie Sunshine

Have you ever asked yourself ...
Where has this artist/band been all my life?
Has this happened with one of your favorite artists?

This virtually happens to all of us, with at least majority of the
artists we already know of. I get angry at the people who like to say
things like "OMG, THAT'S SO OLLLLLD." as if they get 10x more cool
points for knowing an artist before you did. There's so many musicians
out in the world, you can't expect to know them all.

And if you're like me, not only do you listen to the
music from your native country, you also listen to the music
from other cultures/countries. I personally enjoy listening to
Spanish, Japanese, and Korean artists/bands, and of course from the
U.S. as well. It's really difficult keeping up with all the good
artists out there.


Melody said...


I listen to a lot of Asian songs and some European songs :3 ! And I'm not always up to date with the Western (American) music but I don't care that much :) <3

☆ K i n g said...

Good lord!
I cannot stop listen to him! :D
Thankyou Jen for posting this.

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