Oppa P o o p e r style!

It's so incredibly hot right now ...
Not even our AC unit is strong enough for this heat. (;へ:)
September is almost coming to an end and yet, no sign of fall.
I guess that's normal for most places. (ー_ー )
Though, when I use to live in New York as a child we use
to see the early signs of fall at around this time ...
We'd have a little breeze come by and leaves from trees
would start falling off.

The sun was also less intense ... Then again this is Florida and
the sun will always be obnoxious. Even through the winter season.

Last week I had more hours at work. (^ ^)
Also, last Saturday I had a photoshoot with my photographer friend, Will.

Will on the right. 。◕‿◕。

I can't wait to see the actual results!
The purpose of the photo shoot was to create a showcase
for his jewelery/accessories that he's going to sell on Etsy.

All of his items revolve around the doll cult/pastel goth style.
I tried my best to try to dress up in a more 'pastel goth' style ...

From right to left: Ozelle, me, and Melanie

I sort of stole these pictures from Will. ◠‿◠;
What I love about him is that even if we're just hanging
out he'll take pictures of everything!
In the same time we'll have fun goofing off.
This was my second time hanging out with Will and Ozelle
and I've felt so comfortable with being myself with them.
Also, Ozelle is so pretty! ;ω;

So yes, I was suppose to wear lolita for the past two weeks ...
Well, last Saturday I had the photo shoot and the Saturday
before that me and Tommy went to the flea market.
Mind you, the flea market I went to HAS NO AC. (・_・;)
Which I don't mind ...
Though, it wouldn't have been nice sweating in lolita. lol

I bought some stuff from there like a Voices of Distant Star DVD,
a Princess Mononoke DVD,and a Black Lady from Sailor moon figurine.
Oh, and some Adventure Time stuff as well. ( ´¬`)

By the way actually ...
So, about that Gangnam Style.
I heard it at least a couple times on the radio last week!
Along with Wonder Girl's Like Money.
I did not expect Gangnam Style to blow up into epic proportions ...
200 mil views already?!

I really enjoy the song/video but I don't want to
somehow grow tired of it.
Hopefully it doesn't become so obnoxious in popularity. (¬_¬)
I haven't heard any of my co-workers talk about Gangnam Style yet
so we're good for now.
I suppose.

Back in July when it released, I was just thinking Psy was to South Korea
what Kyary is to Japan ... Didn't expect celebs from the US to take a huge
interest him.

Have any of you heard Gangnam Style
on the radio yet? or Wonder Girls?


kaizokumousy said...

you look so cute dear :) and I love your big pink bow :3

Ice Pandora said...

I can't wait to see
the final results!
I bet they look
gorgeous c:

The huge pink bow
is cute!

I've heard the
Wondergirls feat.
Akon, didn't like
it tho..


Morgane ☆ said...

Yeaah I was super suprised when an Italian channel showed the MV.
Hope you'll post the whole photoshoot~

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Cute photos! I just saw Gangnam Style last weekend, which is incredible, considering I live in an area with a huge Korean population. I'm not really sure if I like it or not yet.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your so pretty!
Gagnam style is like a fever here in Portugal too, there's even a parody inspired on it because of the money crisis, something like "gamar com style" (steal with style 笑)

Melody said...

You're so gorgeouss :D <333
And ahaha I love photographer friends who take photos of anything/everything!! I wish I had friends like that actually :( ..cos I'm the person who does that LOL OTL.

And gangnam hahah! I am getting so ceeebs of it now cos its everywhere! :(

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