Super Mario Bros and Re-ments!

Hello! (✿◠‿◠)
Halloween is almost near! 
A week from today to be exact.

Last Saturday, Tommy and I dressed up as Mario and Luigi
 for this Halloween party at a comic book shop.

I've always wanted to do a Mario/Luigi theme with someone ...

There's another Halloween party this Saturday that we're going to go to as well.
Except, we won't be Mario and Luigi again.

I was thinking of creating a Sadako inspired look.

We'll see how that goes ... 

I've always loved re-ment toys but I only own a few ... Including the one above.

I bought this one last Wednesday to be exact.
I normally see re-ments and rarely buy them ...
They're just too expensive and troublesome.
All of the tiny pieces involved can easily get lost and I just get so angry
whenever I get the ones I don't really want. 

Oh, and again they're a bit pricey?
The one above was around $8.
I own a few, and they've all ranged from $6 to $8 each.
(I should probably look at a re-ment box I have and see how much they cost in yen)

I'm complaining yet I can't really stop admiring these blind boxes/capsule toys.
( TДT)

Luckily, with this Rilakkuma blind box,  all of the surprise 
re-ments were all just equally adorable so it didn't matter which 
one would come up.

The packaging itself is just, so ...
ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ !!!

There's this youtube channel dedicated to re-ments, konapun, and other such things. 
When I first discovered it, I felt so ... excited. 
Like, the child within me could't contain herself.
This was in the beginning of the year , and I just remember somehow running into
a video from this channel on tumblr ...
The rest is history.

I've wasted so much time watching and re-watching videos on there. 
The konapun and re-ment are intriguing and the person in the videos
is so delicate with his or her's stuff ...

My finger tips would of been moist from trying to carefully connect the re-ment pieces together.

These are part of my favorites from this channel:

What are your plans for Halloween this year?


Susanne said...

You are such a cute Mario! I have no plans for Halloween, we don't celebrate it here :)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The Rilakkuma re-ment is so cute! I always wanted to buy one, but I'm always afraid of getting one I don't like...Anyways, your costume is so cute!

♥Mishi à la mode♥ said...

lol omg the costume is so cute!!! i love it. you guys are so freaken adorable =)

Donkuri said...

oh you are cute!

Sarah said...

Your Mario&Luigi cosplays are very cool! (^O^)

I also have a re-ment from that collection. The one that comes with two tea cups and a strawberry-shaped kettle (^^)

I also like that youtube channel very much! All their videos are so cute (´ω`★)

I don't have plans for Halloween ヽ(;▽;)ノ but I hope you enjoy that Halloween party (^^)

Ice Pandora said...

Again, cute Mario/Luigi
outfit! I would love to
see the Sadako outfit c:

I want to own these
mini toys! Is this Rillakkuma
toy edible?


Anonymous said...

Awww, I love your Mario outfit! It's so perfect! ♥
I'd love to see the Sadako outift too! ( -∀- )

And I nominated you for some blog awards


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