Back again for the millionth time.

Hello everyone, I guess I'm reappearing on here again? c: Let me start off this whole new beginning with this: The beginning of this year was just awful. It felt like a reoccurring nightmare that just wouldn't come to an end. During those times I ran to facebook and wrote statuses revealing things I shouldn't have about my life. I ended up deactivating my Facebook because I couldn't deal with myself anymore. I was at a hectic state of mind. I had serious problems in all aspects of my life. Work, Education, Love Life. I truly felt like all of those events was sort of like an initiation to adulthood.
"Welcome to the Real World! Have fun!"
Never again. I had just turned 21 too when all of those problems intensified. So in a funny cosmic way I can't help but to think that it was all just a horrible initiation act.
"Alright, you're in kid."
Although, my life is a lot better now. I worked things out with Tommy so we're both back on track with our relationship. With my education, I spoke with an academic adviser and she made me feel so much better about my situation with school and outside of school. And work, well with work I wasn't so confident in my abilities at first but now I am. Which reminds me...
When I first started this job is when I stopped blogging on here. (Which explains my inexcusable absence.) The last post was about Kyary ... so I believe a week or two right after that I had got the job at a Dunkin Donuts.
How is it so far? Its interesting. Its bearable. Its fun sometimes. There's a few things I dislike but I won't go into that now. Maybe laterrr.


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I'm so glad you're back! I've missed all of your cute, fun posts! Also, I'm happy for you that your life is back on track. Hope everything gets better for you! ^^

Susanne said...

Welcome back!

Hope your times are better now!

Fionaa ♥ said...

welcome backk ^__^
hope everything for you gets better within time and that you stay happy :)

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