Vlog #1: First ever vlog video.

I've decided to give this is a shot since nobody's home!
I've always had interest in making a vlog video and I hope I'll be able to make more in the future.
My voice is normally more animated its just I was nervous. :c
I can't until I feel ultimately comfortable with myself on camera.
Also, the hat is from Fantasia! I'm just retarded and end up rambling on without thinking correctly.
 Thanks for watching! AND for enduring through my loooonnnng video. 



Lorina said...

LOL. I like some of Gwen Stefani's children's clothing line too. Being short sometimes broadens our choice, haha!

You didn't seem so awkward to me! It was a good video :]

Susanne said...

I know this may sound pervert but you are so cute in the video! haha

Sarah said...

I think your vlog is so cute! (^O^)
I'm not really into K-pop but I hope you and your friend can get tickets for that concert \(^O^)/

Anonymous said...

I totally understand the fear of speaking languages. I'm not a native english speaker, and when I need to talk with someone in english, I look like a retard. 笑
Drinker (≧V≦)
Nice vlog, love the hat! C:

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Haha, with French, I butcher all the words. I sound absolutely dreadful! XD

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