A party and a polyp.

Last weekend I had a party for all of my friends.  *(*´∀`*)☆

It wasn't much of a party since we were huddled by the computer for most of the night. lol
Nevertheless, taking lots and lots of pictures with your friends is always refreshing!
I have about over 100+ pictures from the party and Nachi is virtually in all of them. 
(Nachi --> Sailor hat girl)

We even made silly videos. (; ̄ェ ̄)

Besides the party, I had something unexpected come up a week prior. 
I had a polyp show up in my uterus ... Too much information? D:
Well, its not a big of a deal since polyps can appear in your nose, sinuses, urinary bladder, and uterus.
It can appear in other areas of your body, areas where mucous membranes exist. 
No one really knows why they show up, they just do. 
They have to be removed and tested to see if they're cancerous.
That's just about the reason why they need to be removed ...
Of course I was scared when I found out and I definitely was like, 

I've always  avoided sports simply because I wanted to avoid hospitals in general. 
I've never had surgery, I've never injured any body parts, and I've always been hygienic.
I will never intentionally try to cause harm to my body ... Simply because,  AGAIN,  I want to avoid hospitals. 

But of course, what can you do when its something completely out of your control?
Well, my mom and the doctor said to not worry much about it.
It's just a simple removal procedure where you can go home the same day.
No incision or nothing.
So, I guess we all have a clear picture of how they're getting to the polyp? 
I really don't want to say how but you should know by now ...  PLEASE KNOW.  ( TДT)

So, while I await for that I have been relaxing, going to work, and doing my usual stuff.
I'm worried about how it'll go but I'm hoping as well it won't end up being really painful!

When was the last time you've been to an awesome party? 


Ice Pandora said...

Oh I was abit in
shock about the
polyp thingy news!
Good thing it's
not a huge deal,
but still hoping
for you to get
well & healthy x

I really like the
pictures with your
friends! Seems so
fun ^^


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Thank goodness, the polyp isn't dangerous! I hope the surgery goes through well. I've had several surgeries and they're not too bad at all.

PS I laughed about how Nachi is in every photo. We all have friends that love the camera!

Christian said...

cute photos :)

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Kristen Rafaelle said...

You seriously look like a doll!

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