A very unlikely trend.

Lately, I've been noticing a trend with all my close friends ... This year has been the year of relationship problems for us.

I know that problems are inevitable within long term relationships. Its just, quite frustrating when you see it happen to others. Especially one person right after the other.

Back in July I had to help out my friend Ness with her problems. A week back I had to deal with my friend, Belle, with her problems as well. I love being there for my friends and being supportive as much as I can ... but if its one thing that kills me its watching someone go through a very difficult process.

Especially when they remind you of your own past experiences. It sort of feels like you're revisiting these obscure, painful memories through your friends. Nevertheless, I truly understand what they're going through and as I'm looking in on their situation from the outside I really felt the need to help them.

Through my efforts, I was glad that I was able to help them. While I spent a lot of time with Belle for the past week I kept playing around with her dog. ^.^

His name is Shiloh.
I'm not sure of what breed he is though ... ^^;
He's just this really hyper dog that apparently likes to 'talk' too much.
He barks like crazy!

He's very well trained too.
He kept putting his paw on my leg or arm trying to get my attention.

I haven't been buying much because of unexpected
expenses I've had to deal with. T_T

Though, what I've bought recently were a few Adventure Time comics, some stuff at thrift stores, and few other little things.

I've also dyed my hair from auburn red to brown a few days back. :<

The red was just annoying to deal with. Having to wash my hair in cold water, having my roots grow out too quick, and other factors I suppose.
I give all of my amends to those who constantly dye their hair funky colors. It truly is a hassle to deal with and I've seen people go through chaos with their hair.

Have you noticed a trend going on between you and your close friends?


Kristen Rafaelle said...

Aww. I think your friends are lucky to have you. They have a friend whom they can count on through ups and downs. :)

You're so pretty in brown hair! :3 HAVE A NICE DAY!

mimi said...

You look great with brown hair!

I recently bleached my hair so I know I'll have to deal with roots soon enough...

You're a great friend!


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

You're being a great friend right now. A lot of my friends have been having their hearts be broken by other friends, so it makes it hard for me to stay friends with both sides. D:

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