Lolita Makeovers!

(Ness on the left and Steven on the right)

Its been pretty eventful last week to say the least. 
I had the chance to spend time with all of my closest friends.
It's sort of a rarity for all of us to see each other since everyone's busy with work and college.

(Ness on the left and Nachi on the right)

So, I sort of dressed up my friends in my lolita clothes, wig, falsies ... 

I was always curious to see how Steven would look in lolita ...
So, curiosity killed the cat and I just went for it.
 That day a Brolita was fabricated! 

I originally wanted him to wear an AP dress but he was too tall for it. ;へ:
Thankfully,  Bodyline saved the day. 

As for my friend Ness, she'll be moving to another country by November.
Well, not country. 
I don't even know what to consider Puerto Rico as.
It's a U.S. territory, not really a state.
Yet, when you go there most people don't even know English.
PR is not even remotely Americanized.
I'm just going to think of it as another  country. 

but, anywho 
My friend Ness, even though I've only known her for about 7 or 8 months, I've grown really close to her.
It hurts to have her go like this ... I can only hope we never lose contact.
Even though, PR is a two hour plane trip away from Florida. lol
I wanted to at least, have her try out lolita before she leaves. 
Apparently, it worked as she's now considering dabbling into lolita fashion. 

Aside from the above,  I've been also buying toys. 
Not much ... normally small figurines that catch my attention.
I prefer smaller toys as its less spacious and they tend to be adorable.  

For example, last Saturday I went to this newly opened Anime shop and they had these:

(From left to right: Ingus as a Knight, Refia as Devout, Refia 
as a Magus, Refia as a Dragoon, and Arc as a Red Mage)

Final Fantasy III (DS ver.) figurines! ;A;

They're pretty difficult to find online so of course I took advantage!
And, of course I've always been in love with the Devout class in this game!
So, the Refia figurine in this class was the first thing I saw out of the bunch.
I remember once I unlocked this class I was so excited. 

Has anyone ever felt the urge
 to dress a guy up in woman's clothing?

Its alright, just be honest. :D
I've always wanted to dress up my boyfriend as a woman.
I become super curious and just wanted to see them in makeup and whether they can pull it off or not. xD

P.S. Here's the only photo of me from that day of the lolita makeovers:

I was stuck with no time to wash up after I got off from work that day.
I was too busy making Ness and Steven look fabulous.
( `.∀´)

P.S.S. But then after Ness and Steven left I quickly fixed myself up:

Its like looking at a different person.


Donkuri said...

Cute Lolita!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Your friends look adorable and I hope you and Ness keep in touch! I actually have dressed up my guy friends in girl clothing. Not a full head to toe makeover though, just accessories.

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