Everyday Pon. Every time is Pon.

Before I start writing about what's been on my mind ...

I must say that I have been obsessed with this music video and song FOR WEEKS AND WEEKS.
I watch it every single day and it instantly brightens up my mood. *__*
Hopefully I can pick up on her moves, I would really love to learn the entire dance especially

I shot awake this morning at 4am because
of some odd dreams I had that I don't even remember.
The dreams must of been pretty hectic, but if only I could remember.
All I remember was that I woke up terrified and started thinking about
all the crazy stuff I've been reading on recently.

I started reading up information about the "Illumaniti Agenda" and
about the "MK Programming" involved in the media. The illumaniti
is supposely this elite group of people who want to take over the
world and they want to create a "New World Order" by creating one
single religion and one single government in the world. The problem
with them is the fact that they want to be able to manipulate and control
society (through brain washing which is what MK programming is) and
that most likely the illumaniti are Luciferians.

It all sounds like something that would come out of a fiction novel. :x
Its difficult to consider this to be real, I don't think its real but
then again I did have those "What if?" thoughts so maybe a part
of me wants to believe it is.
Kind of how you want to believe certain mythological creatures are real.

Anyways, how did I get wrapped up into this?
I accidentally got interested because of this article:

It talks about Illumaniti symbolism in Narsha's Bbi-Ri-Bop-A and in
SHINee's Lucifer and at first I couldn't help but to roll my eyes because
I know there has been some controversy due to that song's title name.

Though, the symbolism they find in both of the MV's seem to make sense ...
You'll have to read the article and look at the comparisons they do.

Click here for the article.

Basically there have been speculations on how celebrities
(either from America or else where) will initiate in the illumaniti
for the fame. In return, they aid the illumaniti by doing cryptic
things in their music videos and songs. I remember hearing
crazy things about how Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga, or Beyonce
are "selling their souls for fame and now they're with the illumaniti" sort of thing.

Is it all true? Is the symbolism in their music videos/songs relevant? What if those specific
elements in the music video are of pure coincidence?

I personally love reading about conspiracies but, everyone loves looking into
urban myths so I know its because we're all just curious (and looking for a good scare lol).

What is one urban myth that has always scared you?
I can't remember too well, but I'm pretty much easily terrified by things. xD


Ice Pandora said...

That is reaaally a cute mv haha -^___^- I want all the toys and deco they have used in the mv really *o*

About the article.. I don't think it's possible but never say never..

I think you can't make the world into 1 religion with 1 believe and 1 controle by 1 person with 1 idea & vision..
That's why we have different cultures and different people with their styles and that is what I think it makes it so beautiful in the world. It's up to you if you want to make the best out of it by respecting each other.

I don't know what the real secret is behind the media industry but I'm glad i'm not into it because I think you sacrifice alot of things (to slim off, plastic surgery if neccasery, doing things to get attention of media wether it's good thing or bad etc) yet I do love listening to Beyonce because of her talent, voice and lyrics.

So.... I don't know haha
I hope you can sleep better now :)


Donkuri said...

nice song!

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

The song is so adorable! I love her outfit and I'm impressed how the Japanese always come up with cuter and more sugary pop idols!

I thought the illuminati were over, but knowing they're still going on kind of freaks me out. I don't like their ideals, but then again, most of what I've learned about them is from the movie Angels&Demons...

I V Y said...



princessmicah said...

i also love the ponpon song. lss for more than a week now. haha
never thought illuminati will exist on kpop. scary though that some people will do everything just to be popular and selling their soul is no exception.

!♥ m i m i said...

OMG THE VIDEO IS SO CREEPY. esp the faceless fat lady dancing. BUT IT IS AMAZING TOO. I enjoyed it lolol.

Oh man the Illuminati.. My friend is so into it, she's really religious so anyway she told me how almost everyone in Hollywood is part of the Illuminati. It's like if you're famous, you must've sold your soul to the devil to become rich and famous so fast lolol. That's what she believes. So Lady Gaga = Illuminati. Elvis Presley was part of it. Tom Cruise.

I read a lot of articles on Illuminati influence in American Hollywood but never about Kpop! Interesting stuff.

Anyway, my friend got me all freaked out for a week or so and then I forgot about it :P hahahah.

Oh and you're welcome! (About the advice :P)


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