AFO 2011.

I finished my summer semester
last week on Tuesday (Aug 2) and awaiting the next semester
which will start on the 29th.

Meanwhile, I'm just hoping time will go by as slowly as possible.

-> How I look right now. O:

Usually when I blog its always on a day where
I stay at home and look like a bum. ^^;

Last weekend I went to an anime convention called
Anime Festival Orlando, or AFO. My experience with AFO
is always pleasant and I always manage to leave there feeling good. C:
AFO was the very first anime con I had ever went to and I still remember
that day perfectly. I remember buying my first manga there which was
Ranma 1/2 which I had never kept buying because the series is about
volumes ... I think. xD;

What made this con experience really memorable is that I finally
was able to hang out with my friends (its been such a long time!)
and we were all dressed in lolita.

Nachi on the left, me in the middle and Huart on the right.
It was Nachi's very first time wearing a lolita outfit
all thanks to Huart's help. <33 I was so excited cause it was my
first time hanging out in a "loli" group with my best friends
and we all agree that we must do this again ...
We were even talking about buying matching sweet lolita dresses
in order to look like something this:

I really hope this happens. *___*
It seems like I always seem to wear lolita for cons.
Though I love wearing lolita any chance I get ...
I just haven't because cosplays can take up pure dedication, especially
when you want them to be perfect. :c
And I can't really fund both cosplaying and lolita.
Also I haven't really figured out what I should cosplay!
The last thing I cosplayed was Bou from An Cafe
and I didn't have the right hair for it. xD;
(Can't find a picture of that cosplay since I've changed computers
since then >_>;)

I was thinking for potential cosplays something a long the lines of ...
Sailor Saturn, Mario, and Alita from Battle Angel. :|

Here's my full outfit:

Have you ever cosplayed?
Or want to cosplay? If so which character?


Donkuri said...

cute hello kitty necklace!

Pu3 said...

You're such a beauty ♥╰(◉▽◉)╯love seeing you wearing the lolita costume! Lol, i've never REALLY cosplay before XD it cost a lot for the complete cosplay set ~(;´Д ` )

Drea ♪ said...

I like your lolita dress *o* I also want one! ><
Also your Korilakkuma plush is so cuuute ;o;

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

I love how cute you always look! That'd be so cool, if you got a lolita group together! I love all your stuffed animals, especially your pink Korilakkuma. :3

My friends want to all go as a group of characters from one manga and the only one, where most of us do read it, is Kuroshitsuji. They'll probably make me Sebastian, since I don't mind dressing up as a guy. .__. We'll porbably all go as school girls next year. 8D

Hello Naka said...

you look so cute! i love your outfit ^^ you really suit lolita ^^ im sorry i havent been on ur blog for a while :( I hope you're okay and everythings goiong well :)

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