Lolita Transformations.

These videos are from girls who participated in EGL's theme
in April.

Its very interesting seeing the dramatic transformation
once a person applies makeup and wears a wig. :D
I find it inspiring, especially when you feel like you have
no chance in looking like the ones you idolize yet ...
when you discover your own beauty you realize that
you've had it in you the entire time.

(Though, not to say that makeup should define your overall
beauty ... its just a part of it.)

Does watching these videos inspire you?
If your into this kind of stuff I mean.


Ice Pandora said...

Oh yes I watch video's every day that inspire me haha! Like these make up tutorial vids at Youtube, I don't use make up but for some reason it triggers me to watch them :o


Hibiki Hime said...

wow super nice! Very usefull ^_^

Melody said...

I find these type of videos really cool! I feel like I should do a before and after when I dress in lolita now xP

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

Since I don't wear makeup, I find it incredible how girls can alter their looks so much! I was especially impressed by the first girl! :o

kaizokumousy said...

yup!^^ makeup videos inspired me to do my very first makeup, and makeup tutorial. It was michelle phan who inspired me :D

!♥ m i m i said...

I love watching makeup transformations! It gives me inspiration for different looks, and also.. well, I'm just really in awe of how amazing makeup is! It's true I can look like a complete different person with my hair done a certain way, foundation, blush, false eyelashes on, eyeliner, and contured nose+face hahah. I guess.. Well, guys are tricked into believing that all girls look like that naturally LOL! Only WE know what we look like without makeup. And our future husbands/bfs? Lol.


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