My ever growing love for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

I'm jumping on the Kyary band wagon and admitting that Kyary is
extremely amazing, I love her to death, idolize her, and am willing
to spend some of my future income on her stuff.

For those of you who don't know Kyary ... remember this?

Yesssss, this was Kyary's first debut into the music industry.
Before that her whole career started when she was just a fashion blogger then
got discovered and became a model. She has her own line of eyelashes too.

I can't wait to hunt down a site that might sell them!(*´▽`*)
At first I just thought of her as another pretty face but I don't know what
suddenly got me interested in her. It could of been the song, I do love
all of Yasutaka Nakata's work after all.
(Capsule, Perfume, other artists and now Kyary)

I actually had made a post about him on here.

It could be the fact that she makes the ugliest faces when she
chooses to ... she's also known for that.

I love it especially when she rolls her eyeballs completely upwards ...

As silly as this might sound within my own group of friends I'm also
known to make such horrendous faces, which makes me relate to Kyary even more.
She's not scared to show her ugly side, literally.

Another reason for my sudden infatuation is the fact that I'm exposed
to Kyary every single day because of tumblr. I would say 80%
of the people I follow love Kyary and they end up reblogging anything
Kyary related. I also decided to go through Kyary's personal blog a week
ago, and LOVED IT.

Her blog: Click here!

Whatever started this infatuation for Kyary ... I hope it continues on.
Never has a song lighten up my mood as much as PONPONPON does.
I'm going to be honest and say that it makes my eyes watery with joy.
Actually, I have had stuff like that happen with my other favorite artists ...
I wish I remembered which songs from them did the trick.
I think I remember at least two ... 'The Music' by capsule and
'Polyrythm' by Perfume. I remember going through these emotions
with Miyavi, Despairs Ray, Mucc, Asian Kung Fu Generation, and Yui.

I don't know what it is ... and other people question it too.
My boyfriend hates PONPONPON and literally had a headache after I showed
him the video/song. You know you would think the video had part in the
headache but it didn't. He said the song kept going on loop in his
head and it started to really annoy him. I was like, "Damnnn"
I thought he was being a baby, but playing the song again while he was
in another room had him go crazy in the same fashion, and it was just the song.
(* ̄m ̄)

What celebrity, model, musician, or person
are you inspired by at the moment?

ALL photos are uploads from various tumblr users.


Donkuri said...

ehehe funny!

Maria May said...

i love her way better than tsubasa. She is more 'natural' and doesnt have the same face in every picture.. :b

Melody said...

PON PON PON PON ~ tehehehe my boyfriend actually loves her too xP He says she reminds him of me @-@" cos sposedly even tho I've got a "cute-ish" face, I make the most weirdest faces etc when I'm taking photos and such eheh ! And eee, I definitely wanna try cosplaying as her one day *___*! YEYY. <3

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

She's so adorable and some of those faces she makes are incredible! They're so weird and crazy that I thought someone Photoshopped her...I'm actually very impressed by them! :D

Hello Naka said...

she looks so cute and playful ^^ and i loe how she rolls her eyes back too my friends do that XD i love her pinky hair too :3

!♥ m i m i said...

I admit... I LOVE HER TOO. I didn't like her music video at first, but now that I've rewatched it, I can kinda ignore the disturbingness and enjoy its psychedelic awesomeness.

And this girl is sooo adorable hahah.

I love making "ugly" faces with my bestie Flora. Only SOME of the ugly photos have ended up on Facebook... the rest... will never be seen HAHAHAH.


Anonymous said...

Hey! I also blogged about her too so plz check it out! ;)

Catharina said...

aww i love her! she's gorgeous!

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