Pamyu Pamyu Revolution (Personal Review) - Pt. 1

They finally arrived! *(*´∀`*)☆
Pamyu Pamyu Revolution on the left and Kyary Bon on the right.

This review will consists of two posts. This one will feature all of the album's physical content and the second post will be my personal review of each track from the album. I would also like to make an individual post about Kyary Bon as well sooooo

Lots of Kyary coming your way.

I bought the Limited Edition version of PPR just cuz its her first album. I have her Moshi Moshi Harajuku as limited edition and her Tsukema Tsukeru and Candy Candy singles as regular editions. Its just a personal preference for me to buy albums as limited edition and singles as regular. Also the cover for this album is more appealing then the regular edition. ;-;

What's kind of funny is that I preordered it without realizing what special content was on it. lol
The ~special~ content that comes with the limited edition is that basically the album itself is a 64-page photo book. Also, it comes with a DVD that has all of her 3 PVs (PONPONPON, Tsukema Tsukeru, and CANDY CANDY) annnnd it has some footage from her Kyary's Moshi Moshi Quattro Live concert at Shibuya's Club Quattro.

I haven't watched the live yet but I probably will later tonight.

Looook confettiiii. When you open the photo album the first thing that pops up is the sleeve that holds the CD. There's another disk sleeve at the very end of the book that contains the DVD.

Then there's the tracklist.

After the tracklist, there are at least 30 pages of random pictures of Kyary.
If you want to look at all of the images you can view them here. Thank God someone made scanlations!

The mid point within the photobook is the lyrics portion. After that, there's more pictures.

I apologize for the photos, I took them through my cellphone. My camera is SOMEWHERE but I'm not sure where. (´~`;)

Back of photobook. Where is this?


DVD ... ・ω・

I absolutely love this thang. I laughed at times while looking through this photo book and it's what makes Kyary admirable. You can't tell well in my photos (ugggh) but on the DVD disk its her face on a cat's body. On the CD, its her face on a rabbit's body. I love her.(。♥‿♥。)

What always gets me about the photo books is that it leaves me wanting more! Its how I felt when I got Moshi Moshi Harajuku. I just wanted it to be never ending and it just feels like the book abruptly ends. I end up having to look through th book like, 4 or 5 more times. Its sort of a good thing I got Kyary Bon along with PPR or else I'd mindlessly look through PPR for an hour.

Aside from the album's aesthetics ... what truly won me over was the music itself. Which I'll talk about in my next post. :DD

Thanks for reading!


Sarah said...

So cute! I think you did well buying the limited edition (^^)

Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

She's adorable and I love how she seems to have a really wacky sense of humor. (:

Melody said...

I loveeeeeeeeeeeeee photo books *__*! You're making me want to get these nowwww

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