Candy Treat Coord and Failed Attempt at Tsukema Tsukeru Dance.

Yesterday was my day off and today as well. :D So, yesterday I decided to wear out my Candy Treat coord that I had put together months back. At times, it becomes really annoying buying from the internet. ;¬_¬

ESPECIALLY if you buy multiple items that are meant for an outfit or a cosplay and some stuff takes longer to come in than others. Then, you also have the issue where all your stuff has arrived already but one item doesn't look nice with the whole outfit so you have to improvise with what you already have. For example, I bought a pair of knee length socks to go with this outfit but they didn't go well with the dress. I had to improvise with my Vanilla-chan socks.

I'm really pleased with the outfit but I know that I need to stock up on more accessories. (; ̄Д ̄)I would love to become fully OTT but I just get carried away with buying more dresses than accessories. I have a very impatient and impulsive personality.

For example, this is the next potential dress I might get when it releases:

Angelic Pretty's Cinema Doll

I barely did anything.
My mom was right, I have two left feet just like my dad.  lol 
In this case actually,  I just don't know how to memorize and follow choreography correctly.
I have the dance on my mind where I know it but expressing the dance through your body ...
I was playing the mirrored live performance along with watching it and trying to go along with the dance.
 I only tried practicing this for a week and didn't continue because I felt embarrassed with taking longer than I should. I think professional dancers take  like a week or so to learn choreography? 
I mean, it probably takes longer depending on how advanced the choreography is. I'm not at all, a dancer, and so I should of known better to feel more confident and not feel easily defeated. xD;

Click here to see the Live Performance of Tsukema Tsukeru.

I'm eagerly waiting for  another Kyary MV to release so I can focus on mastering the
 choreography for that.  I thought about learning the choreography for Candy Candy ... but that one 
is just too advanced for me. :c
Or at least the choreography for the live performance.

Live Performance for Candy Candy.

Has anyone ever tried to learn a dance? 
How long did it take for you?


London's-beauty said...

You're adorable! ^^
The video made me smile. :)

I've tried to learn a dance before, but I gave up learning the whole thing as it was too long. It's super fun though. :)


Audrey (hkittygirl) said...

You looks so cute in your coordinate and I totally understand what you mean. I always prefer to buy tops and bottoms rather than buying jewelry for myself. I can never convince myself to save up for nice jewelry, so I just rewear the pieces I already own.

The next dress you're planning on buying is so pretty! I love the color combination and the black lace (?) detail over the chest part. ^^

aMz88 said...

you look so cute :"> u can actually be a Jpop idol desu hehe :3

~aiMee/aMz, http://amz88.blogspot.com/

Sarah said...

Your outfit is so cute!!! (^ω^)☆:*・゚
I'm very bad at dancing (;∀;) I mean, I can dance some easy choreographies but I need a lot of time to memorize them orz! hahaha (´ω`;)

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for some time and finally I'm commenting (=゚ω゚=)
I'm glad I found someone that loves Kyary! And you're so cute! ▼・ェ・▼
I only learnt one dance in my life, and it was Bad Apple!!, super hard and I'm sure I make half the movements wrong, but that's the only I know by heart. It took me about one month and a half (lazy) 笑

Anyway, nice blog, and I'm really glad to read your posts, specially the Kyary reviews C:

Melody said...

AHah you're so adorableeee <333
I feel like dancing to tsukema tsukeru now! Altho, I'd never be as brave as you to put them on my blog/youtube ;___;

Oh and your coord is gorgeous!
I wants some AP <33

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