30; Random.


I've had this shirt ever since my 11th grade year.
I've always loved the Robo Hello Kitty product line that was released
through hottopic. I own a Jacket from this line and I sort of wished they
could re-release again!

Victoria Secret's Sexy Little Things: Noir, the bottle is very pretty.
Though not as pretty as their Tease perfume bottle.

I really wanted to get both. :B
Tease also smells really nice but of course I had to decide on one.

Does this look familiar?
Nachi gave me this Marie bag as an early birthday present. ;__;
It's soooo darrrrn cuuute.
She bought one for herself and one for me. I'm so happy about it!
My birthday is next week, and I'll be turning 20 ... yikes.
I do have some excitement since I'm entering my 20s
but I think the age I'm really looking forward to is 21.
Then from there I would like to remain 21 for as long as ... forever. :D

What age are you looking forward to? or
which age do you fear the most?


Thanksgiving | Other stuff.

Hii everyone! :D
I guess I've been quite busy for the past couple of days.
(As always ^^;)

On Thursday it was Thanksgiving and I had spent it
with my family and with my lovely Nachi.

I have to say that this year's Thanksgiving was the best one
I've ever had. Not even exaggerating on this. :D
After we ate our large plates of Turkey and other foods we all
started to play games. I haven't played these games since
elementary school. First we played Hot Potat, then Red Light Green Light,
and then Simone Says, and then finally Charades. xD
Nachi was certainly happy about how active and crazy my family can be
when we're all united. I was pretty much extremely happy on how Thanksgiving
turned out to be. After the games we watched some Ninja Warrior
episodes, and then we started to goof off a lot.

That's my dad with one of my wigs on.
The hair makes him look like Justin Bieber.

He's got bieber fever!

On Friday I stayed at home working on my
Myth project. It was Black Friday and I sort of wished I had
gone out to stores that day.
Click here to know what Black Friday is about.
(Note: I didn't know this was considered a holiday. lolol )

Ginormous tree at the mall.

On Saturday (today) me and miss Nachi went to go hangout
at Fashion Square Mall. We didn't realize that there was going
to be a heck of a lot of specials and sales going on. :D I mean I had
a feeling about today because of Black Friday (click above to
know what I mean). Nachi and I were able to get a few things today that
were really cheap. Both of us were really content with what was bought
though, the one item we were the most happiest with were the perfumes
from Victoria Secret.

(I finally got Pocky. D: Lord! This one's Milk Coffee and it's so
delicious. The Hello Panda's have Milk creme in them.)

Nachi bought the Victoria Secret Bombshell perfume and I
had bought the Noir perfume from them. The Noir one has such
a soft, sweet, and elegant fragrance to it. The Bombshell one is a bit fruity,
yet it has a strong scent to it so it gives off that ... hmm ... mature fragrance
that is appropriate for adults? xDD; I'm really bad at this.

The bottles for both perfumes are just gorgeous.
It's too dim in my room right now to take a good photo of the bottle. :\
We're very happy not only because the fragrances smell nice but they
were both originally $45 each yet we bought them for $15 each.
The sale today had all their perfumes priced at $25 instead of $45.
Also, I had a Victoria Secret We heart Birthdays card that took off
$10 from my purchase... The card had came in the mail last Wednesday.

I love discounts. *A*

Do you usually feel proud when you've bought something
really cheap when it was once expensive?


29; Update


We're already ahead of the game. 1 week until December and our Christmas
tree is already up. :D My mom was almost not going to set up our
Christmas decorations but I had to convince to do it. ;A; She said everyone
at home is already too old for Christmas. (wut) She said she wasn't going
to gift us, which I don't mind, but nooo I still wanted decorations!
She couldn't take away my holiday spirit.

We put a lot of ornaments under the tree to make it seem like there's
gifts/toys under there. We've had these same tree/decorations ever since
I was in elementary school. Seeing this tree brings back memories.
Nice, pleasant, and peaceful memories. ^-^ except for last night
when I went out to go use the bathroom, and then I looked at the tree
and confused it with a scary man in my house. If you follow me on twitter,
you already know. DD:

Here was my outfit for yesterday, not much:

I'm officially on Thanksgiving break right now. (wooo)
we only get a week off from school/college. Well, yesterday (Monday)
we had to go to class so technically I have 6 days of break. lol
Btw, I keep forgetting that a lot of you don't celebrate Thanksgiving
because it's basically only a U.S. holiday. D: My bad everyone!
By just thinking about this now I'm curious about the types of holidays
that exist in other countries ...

Are there any Holidays that only your country celebrates?


What's your ethnicity?

I remember not too long ago, Janice had asked me through
a comment what my ethnicity was. Immediately from her question I've been
wanting to make a post about it but, I kept wanting to post about other
things instead. xD BUT I still kept this post in mind.

I was born in Bronx, New York and lived there until I was 9 years old.
My parents then wanted to change things up since they've been living in
New York for like, more than 18 years, and in 2000 we moved from New York
to Florida.

Any-who, What's my ethnicity? I'm Hispanic. :D

I'm halves of two Spanish races. My mom is from Puerto Rico, which is actually
a US Territory but the primary language is Spanish, and not a whole lot of
people there know English. Well, at least my family over there no nothing
of English. lol

My dad is from Dominican Republic which is a country of it's own.
Both nations are right next to each other in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico is the red small island on the right. lol
Dominican Republic is the on the left of Puerto Rico.

Are both nations very different from each other?
If you ask me, they're not so ... different.
The only difference is in the accents and some cuisine but,
both nations have the same origins.
Spaniards, Africans, and the indigenous people of those areas who
were living there before the posse of obnoxious Spaniards arrived.

I put emphasis on this because these nations tend to hate on each other
and talk about how one is greater than the other, when in fact they're both
the same

Can you speak Spanish fluently?
Yes, yes I can. :D I speak it horribly around friends and strangers.
But within family my Spanish comes out great, though I do forget
how to say certain things. I can read and understand what I'm
reading. When it comes to writing ... I simply just suck.

Can people tell you're Hispanic straight of the bat?
I've had a only a very few people assume that I'm Hispanic.
This happens to majority of us because we look like we come
from all races. I've been asked if I was White and Black, that's
what I've gotten the most before and after I got my fringe.
After I got my fringe, I have been asked if I was Asian, and it
used to make me creepily smile on the inside.
When I was a weaboo of course. still am I think.

It's surprising how hairstyles can some what change your appearance.

With fringe:

Without fringe:

So fellow bloggers,
What's your ethnicity and race(s)?

Ladies! I'm curious about all of you (except for a few of you who I already know!)
I get quite excited about these things. lol

(Irrelevant note: My family set up and decorated our Christmas tree today!
:'D We're all hyped up about Christmas.)


New Glasses.

Ladiesss (and mens) my new glasses came in today. ^-^

Old Glasses:

New Glasses:

Not so different from each other.
Except the new ones look bigger, and they're more square-ish.
I really LOVE the new ones, they're not super huge yet they're not so tiny.
Bigger frames compliment me more, or at least I think.
The old ones as you can tell were ... slowly getting ruined.
I had to paint over the middle band of the old ones with liquid eyeliner.
and also they became crooked through time.

Old ones:

New Ones:

The lens within the first 4 pictures look insane,
like lens that old people with glasses use.
That's because I have Astigmatism, and Presbyopia, but the insane lens are
mostly because of Presbyopia. o:

Presbyopia: is a condition where the eye exhibits a progressively
diminished ability to focus on near objects with age.

My eye doctor explained that people after the age of 40 are the ones
that develop Presbyopia due to aging and when you're old different parts
of your body start deteriorating.
Though, there are some of us who are lucky enough to have it happen early.
diagnosed at 6 years old

Basically I'm far-sighted. (Can see from far, but not from close)
I don't 100% like wearing glasses (and contacts in my case involve more $$$)
but I'm just really grateful that I'm able to clearly see without them so
when I take pictures, and I'm not in the mood to wear them, I don't have
to wear them but, its important if I do.
If my eyes get tired they get all cross-eyed.

I'm also happier that glasses are becoming more stylish.

Which would you prefer? Contacts, Glasses or both?
Of course we would all prefer contacts!
But ... I do have a friend who bought fake
glasses on Ebay for stylish purposes. xD
And also I like Glasses, but it depends on their frame style.
I own fake nerd glasses that I wish were prescribed.


28; Weekend

My recent weekend was decent. :3
Well, just because on Saturday I went to see Megamind but
for most of the weekend I spent brainstorming for my research paper.

This movie was the bomb diggity.
Nachi was so eager to watch this, and I'm really glad she invited me to watch it
with her and her boyfriend. This was a really good and funny movie. :D
If it's out in theaters in other countries, I highly recommend people to go watch it.
It truly is the type of movie where unexpected things happen.
It's a very refreshing movie.

Here is my outfit from Saturday:

And, here are my books I was attempting to read bits and pieces of:

Yup, all about Tchaikovsky. I had to do a paper on one of his orchestral pieces,
Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
. It's a 20 minute long piece, so I had spent
so much time listening to it over, and over. And over. I do enjoy the piece,
but analyzing it was a pain, especially when I lack music theory knowledge. D:

I actually received this card yesterday. From Tommy. *_*
It's not our anniversary, and I know sometimes he feels uncomfortable
calling me wife. It's just, we both really, really love cats.
He thought this card was really cute, and he said that the cats reminded him
of us and Henry.

Henry is our child. :'D
Tommy bought this plush during the beginning of our relationship.
I found it strange that a grown man would buy a cat plush for himself,
but he said he really liked is so much that he wanted to have it.
Before he left to Iraq he gave me Henry and asked me to take good care of him.
Nowadays, I can't really sleep without him.
(I might not give Henry back to Tommy in the future.)

How was the weekend for everyone? Decent, great, bleh?
Everyone looking forward to Thanksgiving? :D


New Banner and BG.

Blog Update;;

I changed my banner and background this morning,
and it was completely out of random.
I was originally planning on changing the whole layout
somewhere in December, but ... I got sort of motivated/inspired
this morning due to all the cute web page material I was staring

The banner sort of screams 'gyaru' to me. xD

Also, I notice that today I hit 50 followers.
Thanks everyone for reading my posts, and commenting! ^-^ <33
Since I hit these many followers I'm going to try to see
if I could host a giveaway.
I don't know how soon I can make this possible, but we'll see!

School and other things take up my time. :|
like making this banner and staring at stuff.

Thanks for everyone who's been supportive! I hope you all have a great day.


Shop Kawaii Japan - Review


Website: (http://www.kawaiishopjapan.com/)

The website doesn't seem to be working so well right now
as the layout for it is not showing up for me. I don't know if
it's just my computer that its happening with. You can still
order stuff with no problem.

I've been keeping an eye on this web shop for a month or two.
They have such cute miniature toys and letter sets.
Last week on November 5th I had made an order for 4
letter sets, and the entire order arrived very quickly.
It took only 5 days for the package to arrive.
The owners of the web shop live in Japan, which I found a
bit surprising as the item arrived so quickly...

I chose Regular Mail as a shipping option, and I thought it was
going to take like two weeks since it was really cheap but no, it was 5 days.
The package also came in nice condition, I found it really nice of
them to write a warning for the postal service on the package:

Here's what I ordered:

1 Pukupuku Awawa Chan (Kamio) letter set; 8 sheets, 4 envelopes
2 Tenorikuma (Sanrio) letter set; 12 sheets, 6 envelopes
3 Happiness Girl (Mind Wave) letter set; 8 sheets, 4 envelopes
4 Little Twin Stars (Sanrio) letter set; 12 sheets, 6 envelopes

I'm really happy with these, just because all of the items were
cheap in price and I don't have much letter sets.
Also there use to be two Anime/Japan related stores near
me but both stores closed all in the same year. The nearest Sanrio store
for me is 30 minutes away by highway, and so the internet is my best bet for
these type of things.

I was really satisfied with what I got but what got me more happier was this:

The seller included a free pack (shown above) of 26 memo pad sheets
that are all from different character series. *__*
Man was I excited, and all giddy.

I'm a real sucker for these kinds of things.
I can't wait to buy again from them in the future. :'3


27; Update.

Hey everyone! Sorry that it always takes long for me to post. ^^;
My weekend was very entertaining and I sort of wish it didn't have
to end. I was able to spend it with some wonderful people. <33

During my last class yesterday I felt some serious anxiety as I kept
glance at the time. Yesterday felt like it needed to end quickly.
Today feels like it needs to end quickly.
The rest of November feels like it needs to end quickly.
December is all what I'm looking forward to.

- Finals/ end of semester
- More free time!
- Tommy returns
- Birthday/Christmas
- Christmas movies are aired on TV
- Christmas songs are aired on the radio
- Christmas Tree
- Santa Claus
- Disney, while heavily decorated in Christmas decorations.
- Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

I won't even begin about how much Christmas means to me. No, not the gifts,
and not the parties. The whole essence of Christmas to me is that magical
feeling you get when you look up at a Christmas tree and you begin to remember
all these warm, comforting memories from when you were a kid. I could go on and
on about the pure joy of Christmas, but maybe I'll just make a separate post
about that somewhere in December.

Last weekend on Friday night I spent the night with Nachi (http://ladycandii.blogspot.com/)
over at her house. We watched a lot of Big Bang videos, laughed,
talked for hours and then we ended up falling asleep at a really late time.

When we woke up on Saturday. My eyes are looking at the mirror
before us.

On Saturday we watched two movies I had been wanting to see but never had the
opportunity to watch. They were both Enchanted and Corpse Bride.

After the movies we got ready for my friend's late-birthday party, and when
we arrived there wasn't much people until more started to arrive.

Nachi and Meeeee. We look so pale.

The Birthday girl, Alexis. She looks so cute!

A girl named Stephanie, who I met later on at the party, made this cake.
She did such an amazing job!

My lovely posse. BT, Nachi, and Huart. BT was making a really weird face.

As more people started to arrive they had brought drinks with them too.
Me and Nachi had tried out some of the drinks, and
from what I remember Nachi really loved Smirnoff.
We danced and interacted with people and then left an hour later.
The party was good but according to one of my friends, it didn't end
so well after we had left.

I was happy that I was able to see some of my close friends
and meet new one. Though, I was secretly really happy because
I got to be with Nachi. >///< She makes so happy.

Is there anything in the future that you're really
looking forward to?




Wig: Fan plus friend (worst mistake ever)
Headband: Dollar store
Blouse: Bodyline
JSK: Bodyline
Petticoat: DollsroPs
Socks: Hottopc (gifted by Nachi <333)
Shoes: Tea Party Replicas - Nana Lolita (taobao)
Jewelery: Fan Plus Friend, Forever 21, handmade

I should really list off where I get things ...
Though I forget every time. lol

The reason why I mention the wig being a huge mistake was
because I spent $40 on it when you can get the same type
of synthetic hair-wig for $20 on ebay. (My whole life is ebay.)
I was pretty mad at myself, but ... you learn through trial
and error.

Recently I've been working on a lot of Math homework just
because math is not my strongest subject. I take my sweet time
working on it as when I rush through it I won't end up remembering
formulas, steps, etc. :c Math is enjoyable, only when you know how to
work out a certain problem. Other than that when I'm stumped, I end up

Nachi invited me to spend the night at her house tomorrow
and also hang out on Saturday. I miss her so damn much. <333
I sort of, I guess secretly nag her to blog ... just so I can know what's going
on with her life. ;-; She's occupied by work, and I'm occupied by college ...
and we both haven't had that special bonding time in like, a real long time.
When we hang out, others are involved. And thus I feel bad if I were
to give her all my attention rather then giving everyone else attention too.

Have someone special that you haven't seen in ages?

I have a lot of people I haven't seen in ages ... ;A;


Not so jealous nowww.


Guess the album cover?

So my itouch was really jealous of my cell phone.
It thought it was totally unfair how I use it just as much
as the cell phone, yet it doesn't have it's own comfy
place to charge up.

I was browsing on ebay last week and I saw the blue tofu
cell phone holder for like, a $1 something and free shipping.
So I thought, "Why not!" and now both devices are happy, except
maybe for my camera. If they had plush camera holders
I'd probably get one!

For anyone who owns an itouch, or iphone have you ever felt
curious and searched up anything Japanese or Korean related
on the app store?
I was doing this last week, and found a bunch of interesting
apps. I even saw that they had Kera appa! The Kera apps include only
pictures from the Kera magazine in which you can browse and zoom up
in for extra details.

I had very little money ($5) in my itunes account from like a 5 months ago,
so I only bought two out of the 5 or 6 kera apps I saw.
Each app is like $2 something, well in US dollars.

They have a lot more interesting stuff like I saw gal/gyaru apps and
I also saw an app for 2NE1 in which if you buy it they let put previews
up for all their latest songs, and they put up music videos, and pictures.
It's pretty cool, I wanted to buy it but I couldn't so I downloaded the demo

Thanks to miss Naka and miss Rabbito, now I'm in the mood for either some milk
or caramel or chocolate with almonds flavored Pocky! ;A;
I'm more in the mood for milk flavored than anything.

I might do something crazy like buy a wholesale pack of milk pocky
online or something. No, I won't do that.

What's your favorite Pocky flavors? Or do
you prefer some other Asian candy? If so which one?

My three favorite flavors are listed above. :'3
Though I do love chocolate and strawberry a lot too.