Yesterday I was so angry when I left my biology class.
Basically I feel like I failed my Lab exam for biology.
I'm hoping I get atleast a C in that class as a final grade. :|
I have two more finals on Monday and then I'm done with
my summer term.

After I left from school I was still
feeling pretty angry. When I got home
my mom told me that something had came in
the mail for me, and it was my big bang
Electric Love Tour 2010 DVD. *A*

Warning? D:

This DVD is the bootlegged version
that are sold by Chinese sellers on ebay.
I'm sorry if this offends anyone, since I
know there are who people do not like replicas
or counterfeits of any item.

The concert DVD ... WAS AMAZING.
The quality was so crisp and clear.
It was as if I was watching the
concert on a HD tv. The quality was
just that great. I looked up some footage
from the concert on youtube and for some
reason the quality on youtube isn't the same
as the footage from my DVD. :\
(Yes, I know about how uploading stuff on
youtube comes out different in quality.)

This was my favorite performance:

Skip all the way to
Daesung is such a sweetheart.
I loved all the perfomances, but the one above touched
my heart the most.

I bought this DVD three days ago ... it came in
so quick. ~_~ I bought it so that I can bond with my
mother more. Last week my mom had bought this Vietnamese
DVD where it featured a lot of women and men singing ballad.
I personally don't like ballad as much, especially
the very Asian sounding ones. Does that sound
offensive? xD; I did have fun watching the DVD with her.

She loves watching performances where people dance and
sing, and so with this concert DVD I would like to properly
introduce her to big bang.

I tried showing her videos from youtube, but she said
she'd preferred watching stuff from the tv. Her vision
is also going bad, so the bigger the screen the better.


I need a girl who is in it for me --


not for the money, not for the fame,
not for the glory, not for the name,
it ain't easy as long as you’re sayin’ this . . .

I can never get tired of BB. <3
and this video kind of made my
night. :D

(I think I need to go cram for my test(s) now. :x)




For the past week I think I've gotten ... 5
more followers on here? Thanks you guys for
following my blog! :D I had four people before the extra
5 but that was because of my friend Leena who helped by
linking my blog in one of her posts.

Leena's blog here.

Within those 5 extra people was my best friend/lover who's
name is Nachi. She recently started using Blogspot/Blogger
and I'm pretty darn excited about that. I LOVE reading
and lurking through people's blogs and community based blogs.

I'm especially excited since I'll be getting to know those
of you who are reading this and vice versa. Again, thanks! ;3

Oh, here's my best friend's blogspot: Click here.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I bought some makeup at Target on Saturday.
It's not MAC or Estee Lauder but it's something.

1) Covergirl Trublend Minerals 405 Translucent Fair Powder.
2) Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfection Foundation. Light Ivory.
3) L'oreal Studio Secrets Anti-Dull Skin Primer.
4) Covergirl Makeup Sponges
5) Covergirl Smoothers Concealer Neutralizer 730
6) Elmer's Washable Disappearing Purple Stick Glue.

Stick glue? . . .

I bought some stick glue so that I can continue
to practice on covering my eyebrows. My good
friend, Huart, showed me a tutorial on how
to cover up your eyebrows with makeup so that
it can seem like you've shaved them, which you
can then draw any eyebrow type you want on your
covered ones.

Tutorial here.

I've attepted this once before.
and then again just an hour ago.

The first time I tried it, I failed horribly.
When I tried it again for the second time,
I ended up failing but not as bad as the first
time. I'm doing something wrong yet it didn't
hit me until now.

durrrr. :\

I need to use a panstik rather
then foundation. Hmm. D:

In the two tutorials I watched, both of the guys used
a panstick and one of them listed his materials in the
video's info box.

I feel dumb right now. lol

I'll make sure to somehow obtain a panstik
and retry this again. I really want to learn
how to draw thin eyebrows without having to shave
my actual ones off.

Note: A panstik is a makeup stick, but "panstik"
is what Max Factor calls it. I just want a makeup stick,
not necessarily from Max Factor.


Necklace came in. :3


Things to look forward to:
◊ Sleepover at Nachi's house. --> [Tomorrow.]
◊ My Necklace coming in. D: --> [???]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

The Necklace came in yesterday actually but when
I came home I was too tired to open it so I tucked
it away somewhere and went straight to sleep.
[Correction: Went to sleep AFTER typing up
a post on here. lol ]

I got my necklace from etsy and the seller who
had made it was Zefora.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was really excited when I saw the package.
In my mind I was like, "yaay, manga looking
people on my package!" xD

She put a note in the package. ♥

She packed the necklace in a Monokuro Boo package/bag/thing. o////o ♥

♥ ♥ ♥

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I cannot wait till I wear this with a lolita
coordination or with just a casual outfit.


Sleepover --> Mini Party?


Heh. xD

So, yesterday night me and BT slept over at Nachi's
house and stayed up until 4am. We watched a shitty
movie from Nigeria called 666 and it was the
most shittest thing I've seen until the end. Near
the end, it got good but the movie is basically about
This preacher who fights with demons from Hell by
preaching the word of God. The preacher also has
powers in which he unleashes a holy kamehameha
at demons by first charging up while he speaks in tounge.

See the movie here.

The movie was complete crap.

Though, we enjoyed and embraced it's crappy-ness.

After the movie we all talked for a while and
then as we were all on the computer we came
across an artist on deviantart who draws all
the men in Disney movies in provocative positions and bodies.

See here!

Interesting night it was.

Today's night (well technically the night for the 22nd)
was even more interesting. We had a mini-party where
there was just around ... the 12 of us. There were
"special" (xD;) beverages involved and so majority of us
were typsy while the minority were wasted out
of their mind. I was part of the typsy majority in which
during the beginning of the mini-party I was having so
much fun yet near the end I had to become the babysitter.
All of the intoixcated people were wandering around the
house even though I would tell them to stay at one place.
I also had two people express what's been disturbing
them on the inside during their drunk state.

I did care for them though, but I did get tired
from running after them whenever they went crazy.

During the beginning of the mini-party I was very loose
and catty. I was extremely confident, too confident and
I sweared like I never sweared before. I also danced
A LOT and pulled off moves I thought I never had. lol
I had a thing too where I thought that BT was looking at me funny,
I wasn't drunk but I was very light-headed.

It was a fun time, and I did really enjoy it but I must
admit, its so ridiculous having to be the care
taker. I do care for these people, but I had to talk
to them as if I was talking to a child, and that felt
strange. xD I hope they don't remember me treating them
like a child.

Again, it was a nice night yet tiring one.


Amazing . . . NOT. Dx


. . . Internally I'm weeping.

Closet Child has these items now in stock.

2 Star Night Theater headbows and One Star Night theater JSK.
If I could, I would collect ALL AP prints that
are appealing to me, and the Star Night Theater is one of them.

Bold, bold, and bold.

If could get the headbow, and JSK and with the price of
shipping it could total to ... $300 something in US dollars.

Times like these is when I wished I had a job.
Uhhh, get one?

If only it was just that simple.

Other than that ...

I'm looking forward to tonight and
all the fun we will hope to have.

I can't wait!




Things to look forward to:
◊ Sleepover at Nachi's house. --> [Tomorrow <3.]
◊ My Necklace coming in. D: --> [???]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

I ended up not getting much done today. lol
Was totally lazy and by the afternoon I got
a call from Evelin asking me if I could go
with her, Evelin's bf and Nachi's bf to
Fairvilla (fairvilla = adult 'entertainment' store.)

She wanted me to go with her to help her
pick out some socks for her cosplay outfit
for Metrocon. Her boyfriend and Nachi's bf
(whom are best friends) went to fairvilla
because Evelin's bf wants to cosplay hard gay
for metro so we went to go check out the store
for some tight shiny spandex and other hard gay
related items. lol

That was the highlight of my day.
I also figured out what to do for my Asian Humanities
project. I'm gonna do it on Youkai, and other Japanese
supernatural creatures.

Hopefully I'll be able to do it well.
I'm pretty scared cause my teacher seems
to know A LOT about Japan. D:




Busy week (more like weeks) starts tonight.
I can't wait for wednesday night. D:

A status quoted straight from my facebook.

Things to look forward to:
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [TOMORROW]

◊ Sleepover at Nachi's house. --> [This Wednesday.]
◊ My Necklace coming in. D: --> [???]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

All this week and next week will be dedicated towards
school. Not that it's " the worst thang ever!"
but ugh ... It's pretty annoying. Next week I have an
exam based off 5 chapters for developmental psych, 4
chapers for my lexture exam in biology and a project
for my Asian Humanities which I need to figure out tonight
what my project's topic will be. It's not due till wednesday
of next week, butttttt I just kind of want to get my topic
out the way as soon as possible and plan ahead on how to make my
powerpoint look appealing. Surely this will be possible.

blah blah blah school

Uhh ... On Saturday my drawer came in at
around 6:00pm. I woke up at 7am just to
wait for that drawer to come in ...
Just because when Rooms to Go delivered
my mom's bed and my desk they came to out
house at around 9am. So I kind of figured
that it would come in early again.

My room is now complete.

All I need to do is finish putting some more
things back into the drawers, clean up a bit
and then take some pictures of the whole room.

On Saturday I also washed my hair and let it
air dry for the first time in forever. It won't
curl up like it use to. xD

On Sunday, I went to church with my mom, dad
and older brother. I didn't want to go at first
but then my parents kept bugging me about it
and then I talked to Tommy about it on Saturday
night and he told me to just go and, pray for him.

I felt so bad, so I went because of that ... I do
pray every morning when I wake up but ... I guess
I'm motivated to pray just because I don't want
anything bad to happen to Tommy while he's in Iraq.
That seems bad, I suppose. But, I've had my in's and
out's with Christianity. There's some aspects I like
from it, and there's some that I just can't conform
with. It's the same with some other religions I've
looked into. (I just can't imagine Heaven, I mean
we die and we stay there forever? With nothing but pure
bliss and peace? Maybe I'm just so use to having a purpose
that I can't come to terms with what the suppose end result
might be in our lives.)

Maybe as time passes by, I'll understand these kinds
of things better. As I get older? xD


Here's a picture of how I looked
on Sunday:

The church sermon was ... eh.
But after the sermon was over everyone headed out
to play sports and play some family-oriented games
(It was a family day event thing that day).
I had a lot of fun playing Gestures with my mom
and a lot of the older woman/men. :D
Older people are so much fun to be with,
and when I mean old, I mean like 40 or 50 years of age.
One of my mom's church friend is going to
give me her Gestures game so that we can play at home and
keep it. I'm really grateful for that, the
game was so much FUN. I'm really
big on board/family games. If you've never
heard of Gestures, go check it out. :DD


BT's late birthday party.


Things to look forward to:
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [TOMORROW]
* Start playing Mario Galaxy 2! --> [Anytime]
* Finish FF4. :\ and start on other games. --> [Anytime]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

Today (and yesterday as well) consisted of me
freaking out like crazy due to the fact that
I was trying to complete my Biology Review
Questions before the deadline (which was at
5pm today).

There was 8 chapters worth of questions, 25 or 30
each chapter and as I thought it was going to be
simple, the damn thing ended up taking up a lot
of my time. Like 1 question took me like, 5 or 10
minutes to figure out. It's normal for that to happen,
but it frustrates me that it took that long for me to
answer a question. Especially when the textbook and
my notes were right there in front me. :|

But enough of that.~

Time to talk about BT's late birthday party. :D <3
(late cause his birthday was on June 24th
and this party was done on July 13th.)

BT and some frosting smeared on his face.

Icecream caaaaake.

The party was a lot of fun, despite certain things that happened.
But other then that it was extremely nice to see everyone that I
hadn't seen in a long time. I sure missed everyone and hopefully
another opportunity will come up where we'll all be reunited again.

I did feel bad for BT because he was stressed out and he said
never again is he going to have a "pool party". Lol
(He even forgot about his Honro single from Daisuke that
was still in my purse. :( I got it for him as a birthday
gift but from all the stress he got he ended up forgetting
about it. I'm keeping it safe for him till I meet up with
him again. lol)

I won't go into much details of how it went at first, but basically
we got kicked out of 2 pools and we ended up going to a freind's
sister's house. There was more then 20 of us there, the neighbors
complained and thus by around 9ish or 10pm everyone had to leave.

BT, Huart, and Nachi all went to my other friend Bianca's house
to have their "after party" which involved some moderated drinking
and video games. Apparently the only one drunk was Huart. lol <3
I wasn't able to go to the after party cause I had school the next day.
I would of loved to go but then I wouldn't have been able to
get a ride back home. D:
So, I went with Evelin to her house and we hung out there till 1am.
We talked a lot and bonded. :'3 We had a lot of intimate conversations
and what not. It felt really great, and I'm glad we were able to have
that because I rarely get to talk to Evelin.

This is Evelin's life: Work & School = Life.
I'm texting with her right now and she's telling
me at this moment how stressed out and tired she
is of all the work. lol I wouldn't blame the girl.
After we talked for a while she decided to surprise
me with something ... and it was Super Mario Galaxy 2!


My reaction: oashxsjxsnxsdxjsdncds, OHH LAWD

He is! My Mario love is the equivalent to the love
of some Twihard and her love for Edward.
Shh ... but I actually do love Edward
from the book series. >.> I do, but I hate him
in the movies. Robert Patterson is ew.

She made my night with that game! And ...
she shouldn't have gotten it for me. D<
I felt mostly bad then good, I always
feel strange when people get me stuff.
(Like whenever Tommy buys me stuff. ~_~)
She told me consider the game as an early
birthday gift since my birthday is in the December.
She said she thinks I deserve a gift in the middle of
the year since christmas and my birthday are in the same


I still feel really bad for receiving this gift.
but I couldn't be more grateful for it.


. . . Daisuke.


Hey there. ~_~
School's trying to kick my butt at the moment.
The school term is almost ending thus I've been
assigned a lot of shit like, reviews and a project.
Also, studying is involved and even though I do have
free time I don't have enough like how I want it. xD;

Things to look forward to:
* BT's party. --> [Technically, today.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Today. THIS SATURDAY.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

I was about to start writing on how BT's party went, but ...
I just saw something extremely shocking that I just can't
believe it happened. Literally, just now I found out about it ...

Daisuke, who was the vocalist for Kagerou, for the studs,
and has recently started his own solo project, passed away today, July 15th.

Leena had posted the link onto BT's wall on facebook just about an
hour ago. I didn't see the link until I got a text from BT who just
couldn't believe it until he had to realize it was true. Then he told
me that he can't stop crying. BT is the biggest Daisuke fan I know of,
he literally looked up to Daiskuke for inspiration and the fact that
Daisuke has passed away has got me feeling strange, and uncomfortable.

Sure, I did not look up to Daisuke and neither I was not a big fan of Kagerou
or the studs but I have seen this man performed because of all the
videos BT use to show to me. Daisuke, was extremely talented and his energy
on stage made watching lives exciting. Just by observing him, you can tell
that he has his own unique way of being. I wasn't his biggest fan, but I
would never say that the man did not impress me. He indeed impressed me a lot,
I was awaiting more great things from him especially with his solo project. Observing BT's love for Daisuke was what also convinced me of how
great this man is or ... was.

There have been Jrockers that have died (Like Jazmine You from Versailles)
and I have had felt sad, or even alone (strange to explain) but once
I found out a while ago about Daisuke I've just been feeling ... disappointed
and alone. Disappointed, because it's one thing for a person to leave
a band, but Daisuke never gave up. When Kagerou disbanded, Daisuke never stopped.
He formed the studs ... then slowly members from the studs began to leave
the band ... and even if there was two members left (Daisuke and aie) they both
still kept giving it their all until Daisuke released his first single for his
solo project called Honro on June 6th 2010. Then he was about to release a
second one called Iya on July 21st 2010.

The fact that Death took him away from music instead of Daisuke walking
away from it is what hurts. I appreciate Daisuke, for his
determination, for his will power to keep going. Supposely he's been having
heart problems ever since he was an infant, and so a lot of people are assuming
that his heart had just gave out. No one knows the real reason as to why he
passed away, but the assumption is that it was most likely because of heart

When I felt alone I meant that when people who play an important role
in this life (as a wonderful musician, or as a really close friend) leave, or
stop fulfilling their role it just feels like there's less ... less people to

It also hurts to see someone suffer, like BT. He would write his own lyrics
and repeatedly listen/analyze anything from Kagerou and the studs. Daisuke
was his muse, his inspiration. I know that he will continue to be BT's
inspiration, but I do feel worried because it's just not easy.

Daisuke, may you rest in peace and the love and effort that
you have put it into what you have created, will never go away.
You may have, left but your compositions will always stay
with us. Thank you for giving us you're all and thank you for
giving my friend BT inspiration.

Thank you for everything, Daisuke.




Monday isn't technically today since it's midnight
but I'd still call today Monday.

Things to look forward to:
◊ Girls day out with Leena and Nachi. --> [Tomorrow.]
* BT's party. --> [Technically, today.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Today.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

My simple outfit I wore today:

I will learn to coordinate better. D<
eeek, I'm getting tanner somehow.

Today was an ok day. I went to school,
learned, took an essay exam based off
the movie Hero and how the chinese philosophies
of ancient china contributed in people's lives.
I got assigned review worksheets for each chapter
we've learned in my Biology course (which are 8
chapters) and all of it is due on Friday. I was
planning on watching the first few episodes of
the Nodame Cantabile drama but I guess that ain't
happening. T_T


Girls Day Out!


Girls day out was on friday ... and today is Sunday, 2:31am.
Hmm. :|

I spent most of my saturday watching Nodame Cantabile, and then
cleaned and then my cousin came over to hang out. My cousin
had came to my house just when I was about to watch the last
episode for the Nodame Cantabile Finale season. I was
pretty internally upset that I couldn't watch the last episode
when I wanted to, but I did watch it an hour ago when I had the
chance. The show is so amazing. T__T ... and I really REALLY didn't
want it to end.

I believe I'm extremely in love with this story. <3
I'll try to watch the drama version of this, the
2 movies released for Nodame Cantabile and I'll try
reading the manga, which is about 24 volumes long. *_*

I don't want it to end.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Oh! <3 Here are the pictures to my girls day out:
Warning: Image Heavy Ahead.
[Oh and I purposely make really weird faces. Yes. ]

That was a really great day. I love these ladies! Leena
(the colorful one) and Nachi (the hipster one) are both
so much fun to be with. Though, I did feel all jittery
and I did stutter and paused a lot when I talked that
day. -_- I think the excitement got to me, it really did.

Here are some photos of my outfit:

Mmmm... ~_~

On our girl's day out we went to the Florida Mall and then we
went to Fashion Square. I blew off all my money at Florida Mall,
literally the first 3 stores we went in is where I spent most my
moneys. lol I bought a tank top from H&M, a hair accessory and
bracelets from F21 and 5 pairs of panties from Charlotte Russe.


Nope I won't show those on here.
But I will show off the other stuff.

I'm very glad that the day turned out to be really great.
We were really tired when we got home. ~_~ but it was worth it!




I feel too dumb right now to think up
a title for this post. lol

Things to look forward to:
◊ Girls day out with Leena and Nachi. --> [Tomorrow.]
◊ My new drawer comes in soon, thus completing
my room. --> [Tuesday, July 13th.]
◊ My 1 month vacation. --> [August]
◊ Tommy's return. --> [Around December]

So far things been have been alright.
Not much, I went to school yesterday
for two exams and then stayed at school
until 7pm because I felt so eager to
watch some Nodame Cantabile.

When I came home that's when I watched even more
episodes of Nodame Cantabile and now I just can't
stop thinking about it. *_* (I'm talking of
the Anime not the Drama. I'll of course watch
the drama after I'm done with the anime. :'3)

I'll talk more about it once I complete the series
or whenever I really feel like it.

Ohh I did buy something on Tuesday, or was it Monday?
I bought a necklace on Etsy and I can't wait for it to
come in!

This is it right here:

I'm planning to get more accessories, I want more. T_T

This is how I looked yesterday:

I like taking pictures. -__-
If I'M the one taking them, haha.

I'm really, REALLY looking forward to seeing
Leena and Nachi tomorrow. <33 Hopefully I can
pick out something nice to wear for tomorrow. :'3
I'm bringing my camera tomorrow as well.
I haven't been out with friends in a while.



Yasutaka Nakata


Happy Late 4th of July? ... xD
I forgot that it was 4th of july yesterday.
I found out by the after noon when my aunt and
cousins came over.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was searching up info on Capsule since I've only listened to
their Flashback, More More More!, and Player album.
They have more earlier stuff that I knew of but
I never took the chance to hear the earlier stuff.
Sooooo, I decided to look more into capsule's discography until
I found out some stuff about the DJ in capsule, Yasutaka Nakata.

I found out that he was the Producer/Lyricist/Composer for Perfume
since 2003. No fucking wonder perfume sounds good. D: ♥

I also found that he had another band project kind of similar to capsule
called Coltemonikha.

The duo disbanded around 2007, but before that it technically
meant that he was running two band projects, capsule and Coltemonikha.

Coltemonikha involved Nakata and a model/fashion designer named Kate Sakai.

They've only released two mini albums in 2006, Coltemonikha and Coltemonikha 2.
I checked them both out. :3

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Coltemonikha's mini album, Coltemonikha.

• I pretty much enjoyed the mini-album to death.

• Kate's vocals is love. <3 (even if it 99% of the time
her vocals are autotuned. lol)

• A lot of relaxed playful tunes nothing too intense.
All the tracks are really cute and each song has
their own unique element to it.

Coltemonikha's mini album, Coltemonikha 2.

• I would have to say that my feelings for this mini album
are the same ones that I had for the Coltemonikha mini album.

• Overall, the two mini-albums were very nice to listen to. :'3


LMFAO & she.



This is how I look today and how I've looked
for the past 2 or 3 days. xD

Taken by webcam.

I was skimming through my webcam picture folder
and found too many pictures of me making the most
horrifying expressions. (My bestfriend made a facebook
group of my so called faces. xD; See.

I did find a lot of nice webcam pictures that I took for
fun and I also found webcam pictures of me and my boyfrand. :B


I love his ass with all my heart.

Nothing new or exciting has happened so far. I did
get invited to hang out with one of my bestfriend's
Evelin, but I had to turn it down due to the fact
that I need Monday and Tuesday off so that I can go
over 4 chapters worth of information for an exam.
I have two exams actually, but the one with the 4 chapters
is what I'm most worried about.
I hope I can cram everything successfully. :p

Yesterday I checked out two CD albums that were really good.

LMFAO'S Party Rock and she's Orion.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

LMFAO's album, Party Rock.

• They're pretty mainstream, but they're really fun to listen to. So far
they have only one album out and I believe they have 2 or 3 singles out
and a shitload of remixes.

• They're genre's known as Electro Rap, lmao. According to Wiki atleast.

• I first heard of them through my cousin when he would blast their song
called "La La La". At first the song annoyed me because my cousin would
blast that song multiple times within a few hours. After he stopped coming
over to my house is when the verses from the song would spontaneously come
up in my mind and before you know I'm youtube-ing the song because I just
couldn't resist anymore. It's kind of like how Airplanes annoys me now and
then after hearing multiple times on the radio I end up having the chorus
stuck in my head. I do wonder if I'll eventually like that song. So far it's
still eh for me.

• I love this album. :D Like I said, it's a lot of fun to listen/groove to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

she's album, Orion.

• My good friend Leena recommended she to me. :D
This album was amazing and in the same time soothing to listen to.
I can't wait to listen to their Coloris album.

she consists of a DJ from Poland, who not only creates the music
but he also designs the artwork for all his albums/singles. I'm assuming
he designed his website too.

• He has two major albums released, 5 self-released albums that he offers
free download to anyone who wants
them. You can also download his singles for free on there, he's only
released 3 singles. His two major albums are the only ones that you have to

• I loved it, pretty much enjoyed it a lot. :D Again, I can't wait to check
she's other stuff.